Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wishes for a future house

This tub.

Look at it! How luxurious. That would be glorious for a bubble bath.
I can only dream of having a house one day that is cool enough to end up on Design Spunge.


J said...

wow, that's a really nice bath tub! does it have lights on the bottom? or is that just the sun shining on it?
well anyway, My name is Juan and I was just checking out blogs and looking for blog friends.if you'd like please check my blog and drop me some comments. thanks and happy Holidays!!

Diana Smith said...

OHHH that is so nice! Would love to just soak and listen to music in that!

chrischaos said...

geniunely amazing

Meredith! said...

that tub is awesome! i read your post about engagement! i know exactly how you feel! i wish it were the right time! i read all these blogs of newlyweds and they are just too sweet! =) i love your blog by the way! new follower!

Merry Christmas!

Katie Jo said...

I'm generally not a bath person, but very well could be with one like this!


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