Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekend recap

What a fantastical weekend!

As I mentioned, there was a celebration held in Dallas for an old roommate who is about to flit off to London for work. Brilliant!

Caroline and I left Houston at an hour un-befitting of a Saturday morning, but Laura is worth it. As fate would have it, I received my very first ticket while on this journey. Had Caroline not been there, I probably would have cried. However, I had to keep it together and accept my punishment. But come on, I was only going like 13 mph over. Whatever. I shall add this to the list of life experiences that the two of us has shared. It's a long list, I tell you.

Once in Dallas, the day consisted of taking TONS of America's Next Top Model-worthy pictures in a neat area of town [so Laura can have photos of her pals while she's across the pond] and consuming champagne, cupcakes, cookies, queso, and Chick Fil-A nuggets on the rooftop of Laura's building. It was quite the satisfying day.

That evening we had dinner at a place with THE BEST SLIDERS I HAVE EVER EATEN IN MY LIFE. Are you a fan of high quality beef, cheese, and Hawaiin rolls? If so, these would be your heavenly nectar [or should I say food] of the Gods. Maybe we also had a pizza. Maybe I'm a fatty. Maybe I'm ok with this.

Have you ever heard of a shake weight? I'm sure you've seen the outrageously sexual commercials for it on TV. I feel very lucky to have had a pesonal encounter with one that night. It was an excellent bar prop and garnered many stares from fellow patrons. There was much dancing with the shake weight [and videographic evidence].

The night could not have been complete without a visit to a ridiculously shady bar called "The Slip In." If your mind went into the gutter at all, I do not blame you. Befitting of it's trashy name, it was dark, crowded, seedy, and reeked of herbal remedies. However, it had the best music for dancing with reckless abandon! We caused scene as we left, due to me being shoved by the very rude owner of the bar, and a friend's husband berating him to defend my honor.

All in all, I feel it was the perfect way for someone to say goodbye to not only Dallas, but America in general. Nothing says "I love the USA" like over-eating, libations, beef, overly-advertised excercise products, and a verbal altercation.

Laura, we will miss you!!

Enjoying champagne on the rooftop.

Beautiful roommates who I still miss living with even after 3 years.

Partner in crime.

She and her husband like to meow. Aaron and I like to meow. We are all soulmates.

Demonstrating our lack of knowledge as to how the mysterious shake weight works. Don't worry, we mastered it in no time.


Caroline Henley said...

such a fun weekend! and that picture of Laura is absolutely priceless! framer fa shoooo!

Adele said...

hahah shakeweight! i have one. i should be ashamed but im not! heh


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