Monday, August 30, 2010

Watch this now!

I'm usually a strictly Oscars and Golden Globes kind of girl, but this opening number makes me wish I would have watched the Emmy's last night! For as much TV as I watch, maybe it's time I start tuning in every year

Monday, August 23, 2010

Big weekend in retrospect

Big weekend = success!

Yes, Aaron is now off in Houston being fancy working for Exxon. Did I cry? Maybe. But I was able to cancel out any sadness by going to a bachelorette party for this beautiful girl:

Natalie and I, along with Caroline, Taylor, and Laura, were roommates my junior year. They were all in the same sorority together, but I never once felt left out of anything. We took our initials and created the name "TANCD House." What adventures we had! From themed parties, to spilling bottles of wine on the carpet, to doing dance work out videos with the windows wide open so people would see us and laugh, there was never a dull moment.

It was wonderful being reunited with these incredible girls to celebrate one of our own. This was my very first bachelorette party, and it couldn't have gone any better! In typical bachelorette fashion, there were copious amounts of phallic shaped props, food, etc, game playing, and a little lingerie shower.

Games and appetizers was followed by dinner and drinks at a very chic restaurant. After coming back to the apartment to gather ourselves, we spent the rest of the night dancing ourselves silly at a club. I love how much attention bachelorette parties get. We were never without creepy men trying to prey on us!

Despite the creepy men and aching feet, Natalie (and the rest of us) had a wonderful time just being silly and celebrating her upcoming nuptials. I absolutely cannot wait for her wedding in September. Not only is it going to be a blast being reunited again, but I know she's going to be the most beautiful bride. I better start gathering my tissues now because I know I'll be blubbering the whole time.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Haritha!

And the last birthday of the month is my dear, dear Haritha, beloved member of the Fab Four.

We first met our freshman year of high school in Biology and bonded over....something? Haritha, fill me in because my brain isn't functioning properly. But we have been friends ever since, despite going to different colleges and living in different cities for the past five years. She is a brilliant medical student who knows how to have a good time, and one of my favorite people to talk about silly things with.

So here's to you, Mama Puffin AKA my shining star AKA my wonderwall!

This is a terrible picture of us, but it shows how far back we go. We were probably about 17 in this picture. Our group of friends was really innocent, so all we did in high school was go out to eat and shop. I believe at this particular occasion we were at Chilis, where both Haritha and Swampy wrote a note to our waiter telling him he was cute. We did things like this all the time. I know, we were ridiculously cool.

One of our nerdier past time spent together was in HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America). Don't judge, we went to a medical magnet school. The event we competed in was a four-person team event called HOSA bowl; it was basically like jeopardy, but medically related. I know, we just keep getting cooler! Here we are at one of our competitions, obviously working really hard.

Senior prom, crammed into our 24 person limmo.

High school graduation, ready to depart to our rival schools.

A Fab Four tradition during college was to get together during our Christmas breaks to eat dinner and have ice cream at Marble Slab. This was our first one, freshman year of college.

Haritha went to school in Austin, so as soon as all of us were 21 (wait...I take that back. We weren't all 21...certain other people used dishonest means to get into bars!) we took on 6th Street. We had THE best time.

To this day, whenever we're all in town together (and by all, I mean whenever I come in town since they all live in San Antonio now) we still honor our tradition. Don't know what I would do without these girls!!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Impressive art!

How cool is that?! The artist, Dalton Ghetti, makes art out of the lead tips of pencils. Can you imagine how long it must take him to create such intricate designs on such a tiny medium?? I am fascinated. To see other examples (I promise you'll be super impressed) go HERE.

Food, psychics, and questionable living situations

I figured everyone needed a reprieve from my endless birthday postings. I apologize for being such a typical girl and having so many "OMG I love this person happy birthdaaaay!" posts. At the moment, I am lacking other material so I must work with what I have!

Despite people honoring their days of birth this month, other things have been going on. For one, I've been using my kitchen quite frequently. My culinary efforts have included banana cupcakes with peanut butter frosting, chocolate chip banana cookies (what can I say, I had a lot of old bananas laying around), Mexican tuna salad, queso fresco/green chili grilled cheese sandwich, mashed potatoes, and THE MOST AMAZING PASTA. Mexican tuna salad and the grilled cheese sandwhich turned out to be DISASTERS. Apparently I am no good at preparing meals that relate to half my culture, even if one of those things is a grilled cheese sandwich. Who the hell messes up a grilled cheese sandwich? However, that pasta was so good that I keep dreaming about it. I didn't use two of the key ingredients (tequila and cilantro) because I just didn't have any, but it still turned out delicious. GO MAKE IT NOW.

As for psychics...despite part of me thinking psychics and their revelations are all full of bullshit, another part of me has always wanted to talk to one just for grins. My dear Swampy (of birthday post fame below) recently had a Hindu psychic analyze her life based soley on her date, time, and place of birth. For never having met her, a lot of what he had to say was preeeetty accurate. Intrigued, I obviously had to ask if she'd pass on my info to him. My life is kinda mehhh right now, so I'm interested in what mr. psychic has to say. If he can direct me on a life path, I'd be much obliged. I'll keep you posted.

On questionable living situations: Have I mentioned that one of my roommates is an ex boyfriend? No, I'm not making this stuff up. Basically, I was pretty sure I was going to get this job in Houston but DIDN'T because that's always how my life works. I hadn't taken any time to find a new place even though my lease was up in my old house, so I was in a bit of a pickle when said job fell through. Enter ex boyfriend. He and another friend of mine had a three bedroom apartment and were looking for a third roommate so that rent would be cheaper. Enter Alex. I am aware that this is a bit untraditional, but I feel this speaks volumes about our maturity. Even Aaron didn't care. Can't say I'd feel the same way if he were to live with an ex girlfriend. Sometimes I really do wish I was a dude. So lately my evenings have consisted of eating dinner and then watching tv with my ex while he vents to me about women problems. Hey, it works.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Julianne!

Yeppp, another birthday!

This time it's Julianne, who is one of my very best friends. I'm pretty sure we've never been in an argument, or even a semblance of one. She's one of the most genuine people I have ever met. It's impossible for someone not to like this girl. I am so thankful to have her in my life, but am super sad that she's moving to California for a year in January. Oh well, that just gives me an excuse to visit!

Happy 24th, Julianne!

We saw Europe together after graduation.

One silly night in Cinque Terre that involved singing "Piano Man" over an over, finding food after midnight, and frolicking on a rock covered beach in the pitch dark.

Admiring the view of Florence.

Eating is what we do best. We've been teased for eating basically anything that is put in front of us. As you can imagine, we feasted like no others in Europe.

At our Ring Dance in April of last year.

A good friend of ours celebrated his 23rd birthday last year by taking friends on a party bus to Houston. There was a bit too much party on the bus before we reached our destination. Upon seeing this picture, you probably won't be surprised to find out that Julianne and I had to be escorted out of a bar that night. I may or may not remember it happening...

With Courtney during Spring Break '09 in South Padre.

We dunked our rings together. These pitchers of beer were very intimidating!

Julianne was a Fish Camp co-chair our senior year and graciously asked me to be her campfire speaker (I got to go to camp and share my infinite amount of wisdom with the incoming freshmen).

We spent Spring Break '08 together in New York and had a blast. Because neither of us had any ones, I believe we ended up having to give his guy $5 just for taking this silly picture.

Where our friendship started, Camp Davis. Thank you, Fish Camp for giving me all my best friends.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today my wonderful mom celebrates her birthday.
Not only am I her only child, but she was also a single mom for about six (early) years of my life. Because of this, I grew up being extremely close to her, sometimes to the point of refusing to leave her side when I was a child.
She had me when she was almost 40, but I like to think that I keep her young :)
I owe everything to this woman; she has made so many sacrifices for me and has always given me the world.

So here's to my mom, to MANY more birthdays, and to being my biggest fan and constant supporter.

A&M graduation

23rd birthday

Taken a few years ago at the coast.

Where I get my silliness from.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Too many people born this month

Please pardon the plethora of birthday posts that my blog is currently experiencing. There are still three more to go this month. Looks like November is a popular time for getting busy...

Please also excuse my use of alliteration.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Caroline lovaaaah!

Today's birthday wish goes out to one of my dearest friends, Caroline.
We have grown and changed so much throughout our friendship, which is something I love. The people we were when we met about five years ago are quite different from the ones we are now, yet we have remained friends through it all.

So without any further ado, a photographic journey through our friendship. According to Facebook, there are 475 pictures of us together. Finding just these few was quite a feat!

This was probably one of the very first, if not first, pictures we ever took together. We met because our boyfriends were friends and later became roommates. Spending most of our time at their apartment, we quickly became the best of friends. Our major sources of entertainment consisted of laying around watching movies (with the boyfriends), bowling (with the boyfriends), and various other mundane activities. Let me say that I LOVE all of these activities (and she can attest to this as well), but the point is that we devoted EVERYTHING to those guys and never really got out and did things for ourselves. We ended up helping each other through both eventual breakups and came out winners.

As our dearly departed boyfriends did before us, we became roommates! Along with our three other lovely roomies, we enjoyed throwing themed parties at our house. This was our first, a "Great Depression" themed soiree. Though I didn't drink at this time, it was then that I really started coming out of my shell and making a point to always have a blast. Thanks, Caroline :)

When she got her Aggie Ring, I was obviously there to show my support and excitement.

Our second themed party, "Around the World." We (along with two others) represented Jamaica as the bob sled team!

When it was time to initiate me into the 21-year-old-in-College-Station club, Caroline was the one who took me out, despite the freezing temperature and nasty rain. Was it a successful 21st birthday celebration? Of course. She wouldn't have had it any other way!

I couldn't bear not being there to join in on her Ring Dance experience in 2008, so I convinced my boy bff to take me as his date so that we could all have an amazing time together!

Caroline has also been with me during near-death experiences. Let's just say that when describing this particular date party, I'm going to use my "I was young and in college" excuse.

As typical college girls, our favorite night spot was Daisy Dukes (yes, don't judge the name. This is Texas, after all). You could always be sure to find us there dancing the night away, most likely on speaker boxes, cherry vodka sours in hand.

Caroline's 22nd birthday weekend was one for the books. It's impossible for us to celebrate a birthday together and not have inordinate amounts of fun.

One of our very own time honored traditions: Pizzacake. Eat a pizza, bake a cake. Pizzacake.

As I was there for hers, Caroline was of course present for my Ring Day. She served as an excellent photographer and top notch face nuzzler.

We went with different groups, but met up during Spring Break 2009 in South Padre.

After two years and two different houses, it was time for us to part ways. Moving out of our house was so bittersweet. I'd be lying if I said I didn't bawl for the first 20 minutes of my drive.

And here we are today. Different cities, different lives, same friendship.


Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, Swampy!

This is unfortunately three days late, but I must take time to wish one of my best friends, Swapomthi, a happy 23rd birthday!
We've been friends since sophomore year of high school, and like to associate ourselves with a group of friends called "The Fab Four." There will be more on them when another Fab Four birthday comes up next week.
Swampy, as she is known, is one of the funniest, quirkiest, and caring people I know. We enjoy speaking in weird accents together, talking about Obama and how we want to be bffs with Tina Fey, and creating "scenarios" together.
I don't see her nearly enough since she lives in San Antonio, but our friendship is still as great as ever.
This girl is going to save the world one day, I guarantee it!

Senior prom. This picture is vintage. And no, I am not naked.

I believe this was her 20th (?) birthday. We at at California Pizza Kitchen, which is where we often find ourselves pigging out on overpriced food.

During every winter break, the Fab Four would meet up for quality time together. On this particular occasion we opted for a photoshoot on a rock. The Fab Four often partakes in "permutations," which is where we all take individual pictures with each other. We are very thorough in our picture taking.

Swampy was a very dedicated volunteer during Obama's campaign. I got to tag along when she helped out at an event where Kerry Washington and Ben McKenzie spoke to UTSA students.

Her 21st birthday on 6th St. in Austin. What a good (and short) night!

The Fab Four in all our glory for Swampy's 21st.

Happy Birthday, my dear friend!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


I love that this blog can be a venue in which I blab on about issues that I care about. If you'd like to hear some blabbing, please feel free to continue.

As anyone with access to any type of media outlet knows, Propsition 8 was overturned in California yesterday. I personally jumped for joy and was so proud of this giant leap of progress. Here's why.

I like to keep an open mind about people. Sure, I can be critical of others' fashion tastes or haircuts gone wrong, but when it comes to who they are fundamentally I try to stand back and keep my judgements to a minimum. In this vein, I have always been a proponent of gay rights. It is something I am passionate about and will argue about with you until you can't see straight.

All the uber conservatives out there have their panties in a knot over this and are going to use Bible verses as ammo and Christianity in general as their armor. To them, I say this: I may not be able to name all the books of the Bible to you, nor can I spout verses at the drop of a hat, but what I do know with unwavering confidence is that the Son of God loves ALL. In fact, I do believe there is something that says "All who believe in me shall have everlasting life." Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't say "All who believe in me (except if you're gay) shall have everlasting life." And furthermore, in my opinion, all those people who espouse their Christian morals so fervently and pride themselves on being such excellent followers of the faith aren't actually being very good Christians when they refuse to love and accept their fellow man. Hypocrisy's a bitch, isn't it?

The overrulling of Prop 8 is so monumental because it demonstrates that more people are turning away from this baseless hate. Because in my eyes, who someone chooses to care about comes down to one thing: love. Whether that love is between a man and a woman, two men, or two women, who are we to judge? Real love is hard to come by, so why should this country that prides itself on all of its freedoms prevent anyone from experiencing the joys of it? If two men or two women have found a deep and abiding love for one another and want to honor that just as heterosexual couples do, that is something to celebrate. People who choose to spend their time castigating this love just because it is not natural to them are only perpetuating hate, a hate that festers, destroys, and seeks to overshadow love by any means.

So in a world with so much of this hatred, violance, and intolerance toward our fellow man, I think The Beatles said it best:

All you need is love.


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