Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More dreams

For lack of better things to write about, I will share another one of my strange dreams.

I am in love with The Beatles. They will never go out of style. I guess it helps that my mom is an older mom and was in high school during their American invasion; therefore, I grew up knowing the words to many of their songs. Also, Aaron and I have been watching The Beatles Anthology and have nearly finished it. So it comes as no surprise that they appeared in a dream of mine a couple of nights ago. Taylor, you will appreciate this.

My parents and I are walking through this park. I don't know where it is, but it's just a typical park. Suddenly we hear "All my Loving" playing. We search for the source of the music and soon come upon a small stage where The Beatles are playing. Mind you this is present day, yet George and John are indeed present and looking just dandy. My mom runs over like a fat kid rushing a large cake. She then proceeds to sit on Ringo's lap. He has always been her favorite. My dad just kind of ambles over; he's a very laid back kind of guy. I am just dumbfounded, and slowly make my way over. Upon arrival to the stage, I tell them what a big fan I am and how delighted I am to meet them. I also let them know that I have recently finished watching all of their Anthology. Of course, I then ask to take a picture with them. And before waking up, I turn to Paul and tell him that he is my favorite.

As usual, I woke up very excited that I met The Beatles. Reality bites.

On another note, last night I dreamed that Aaron and I were somehow mixed up with Tony Soprano and his crowd, and Aaron got arrested for trafficking stolen vehicles. I did not wake up from that dream feeling sad that it was not real.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Let it be known that I love Texas A&M University and am a proud former student. However, a little bit of that pride dies when I hear about the ignorant, close-minded students that A&M is unfortunately famous for.

President Obama will be giving a talk on community service on campus tomorrow with former President Bush (daddy Bush), and apparently this is just too much for some students (and even former students) to handle. Do they see this as an honor that Texas A&M University was chosen as an institution that encompasses the spirit of community service? No. Instead, they see this as a chance to hold protests and embarrass this fine university in front of the rest of the world. It's crucial to point out, however, that when the latest President Bush spoke at the December 2008 graduation, no one made a sound. How strange. The Young Conservatives of Texas, also known as a filthy stain on the fabric that is A&M organizations, are of course captaining these protests. Do they have the right to disagree with Obama's policies? Of course, it's a free country. But what they cannot see is that they are causing more harm than good. In the end, they are only going to make themselves look like idiots and portray A&M as a classless, close-minded university.

I will admit that when I first entered A&M, I hated how conservative it was and I moped around and felt sorry for my liberal self. Through my four years, however, I saw a marked change in the political atmosphere at A&M. Sure, the majority of students were still conservatives, but the fanatacism wasn't as obvious and everyone had RESPECT for each others' views. I was even pleasantly surprised to see so much support for Obama amidst all the hateful t-shirts worn by McCain supporters during the election. But now I am afraid that this progress is being overshadowed by pure ignorance and disrespect.

Texas A&M is an amazing university, and I owe my happiest memories to it. Conservative, liberal, black, white, everyone respects one another because we are all Aggies. So why not show that respect to our president, regardless of whether or not you voted for him? To have a sitting president visit your university is an HONOR. So come on Aggies, show some class and disprove that conservative/ignorant/close-minded stigma that surrounds us. By giving a bad name to this university, you are only hurting yourselves. And plus, do you really want to be seen on CNN as the crazy college student from Texas who couldn't even muster up enough respect for the leader of our country? Grow up.


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