Friday, December 17, 2010

Meet Chester

For as much as I obsess over cats (i.e. Keyboard Cat) on here, I do not showcase nearly enough pictures of my own feline friend, Chester.

He loves the Christmas tree, but has thankfully only knocked it over twice.

Passed out by the tree. Probably tired from a day of running around the apartment and meowing constantly.

Looking chubby and inquisitive in my closet.

Happy Friday, everyone!
Can you believe Christmas Eve is in just ONE WEEK??


Katie Jo said...

so i'm starting that 30 day photo project...

...and...i kid you not...

one of my random facts is about posting waaaaayyy too many pictures of my cats.

the chubby and inquisitive one is my favorite.

p.s. i introduced my boyfriend's son to keyboard cat christmas last night, and yeah, it was played over and over and over again. can't get enough.

Alex said...

Glad I'm not the only obsessive cat owner!!

And Keyboard cat is pure magic. He brings love and cheer wherever he goes.


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