Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's that time of the year again...

No, not Christmastime.


One part joyous, one part inexplicably irritating.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE weddings. And I love love. And I love when people find love and live happily ever after.
But thanks to the magic that is Facebook, I wake up every morning to find that AT LEAST 3 new people have become affianced.

Now, I'm completely aware that I sound like some desperate girl who is just jealous and itching for her man to propose. Of course, a litle part of me thinks it would be lovely to be engaged. What girl wouldn't want a beautiful ring that comes with a promise of marrying your best friend? But I know I'm not in the right place for that yet, and ultimately I'd like to be a little older/financially stable when I get married. We've had these discussions and agreee on the fundamentals, so I know that it will happen when it happens.

So why do I get so riled up when I am bombarded with engagements on my newsfeed?

BECAUSE I'M A FEMALE. Because egagements tug at my hormones and my heart and make me all wonky for no reason. Because my subconscious likes to play mean tricks on me. Because I am overly emotional sometimes. Because I secretly do wish it was me??

Oh hell.

Disclaimer: I feel like feminism just took a tiny blow and I might have made it sound like all women are dying to get married. Not the case. Girl power!


Katie Jo said...

I'm a total feminist...but feel the same way...I get the same ill feelings when girls announce they're pregnant too. I'm so cynical, it's ridiculous. Not to mention, we're going on 5 years over here and on top of hearing about others getting engaged, I often get asked when it will be my turn. My answer? Who the ef knows.

Caroline Henley said...


i feel like we should do a toast to this soon?

Anonymous said...

ahaha! you are so funny. i think this is true for all women. you are so happy for them, but secretly you're like "what the french?!"

J said...

A quote from the infamous comedian/ actor Ray Romano on his everybody loves ray show:

Robert:I think I should have a little bit of a say in this wedding, I mean it's my marriage too
Ray: No, women dream about their weddings since they are 12 years old, have you been dreaming about your wedding since you were 12 years old?
Robert: no.
Ray: okay then, it's not your wedding!

That awesome exchange brings so much wisdom, but the nugget that will benefit you is the fact that yes, all women feel that way whether they want to admit it or not! lol


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