Thursday, July 22, 2010

How I make it through insufferable work days

Maybe I've mentioned it before, but my job is pretty boring. Don't get me wrong, after 9 long months of searching for one and feeling like a worthless graduate with a worthless degree, I'm thankful to have it. I just wish I was a little more challenged and had actual work to do the majority of the time.

You're probably asking yourself how in the world I fill up these 8 hours of the day to avoid being a completely unproductive human being. Well, allow me to show you.

How I've kept myself from this show for so long, I do not know. Call me odd, but I'm a big fan of crime/murder on TV shows. Throw in a killer who only offs bad guys, and I'm hooked. Thank goodness for instant Netflix allowing me to watch this at my leisure!

I like to think that I'm allowed to be obsessed with Twilight at my age because I equally love the edgier and more adult appropriate, True Blood. Though this is definitely not suitable workplace material, that doesn't stop me from watching veryyy quietly at my desk.

I've already admitted to loving Twilight, and now I will dig myself deeper into the hole and appear to be even more of a 15 year old girl. But seriously guys, this show is addicting! I find it completely unrealistic that these girls are supposed to be 16. Maybe I was just a really naive 16 year old, but watch this show and tell me where in the world one can find 16 year old girls who get into such mature hijinks! With that said, this show is like candy and fuels my embarrassing love of trashy teen drama.

Anyone with half a brain should probably find 30 Rock to be entertaining. I do admit that I couldn't stand it for about the first 5 episodes, but now I am a huge fan. Tina Fey is pure genius. I want to be her/Liz Lemon's best friend. I really feel like we could sit down for a meal and having rousing, hilarious conversation. I would then become her protege and take the comedy world by storm. Besides, I've never seen another person adore/obsess/plan their day around food like I do.

So obviously, I watch a lot of TV. Yes, my desk is in an area where people walk by. No, I do not care. If important people are in the vicinity of my TV watching bonanza, I quickly switch my screen to an Excel sheet that I have long since finished working on, harmless email, or pictures of kittens. Because, yes, I frequently look at funny pictures of cats.

Commence judgement now.

Friday, July 16, 2010


I have nothing witty or exciting to share today, but I do have this amazing song. I've been obsessed with it for a couple of weeks now. Apparently she performed it last night on So You Think You Can Dance.

So listen to it. You might find yourself playing on repeat (like me).

Friday, July 9, 2010

Fashion rant


That is the million dollar question on my mind when it comes to rompers.

Every time I see a "fashion forward" female strutting around in one of these heinous numbers, I can't help but wonder if she actually enjoys sitting on the toilet completely naked, since her particular outfit requires that she become totally disrobed in order to take care of her business.

Believe me, I have tried to keep an open mind and embrace this trend that has overtaken the world of fashion. I mean, if it's a style that has survived through the ages and has now made a comeback, it should have some redeeming features, right?


Face the facts, it's a onesie for adults. I don't know about you, but I'm not particularily keen on going about my day to day business wearing something that a newborn sports. The only difference is that the newborn has no choice.

Maybe there are people (like Gisele) out there who can pull this look off without decreasing their age all the way down to babydom, but this offending textile has me truly perplexed.

Next week's rant...harem pants.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hurricane Alex

Is it odd for me to be so excited over having a namesake hurricane?
I tend to get overenthusiastic about minor little things like this.
Ironically enough, this hurricane that I share a name with may bring ruin to our fabulous 4th of July plans.
Please, fellow Alex, be a nice hurricane.


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