Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Whatup December 1?

Am I the only one who has been in a coma and was completely shocked at today's date? Since when does Christmas fall so soon after Thanksgiving?? Maybe this season just changes as our age increases. Either way, Happy December!

And Happy Hanukkah this evening! Sometimes I like to pretend I'm Jewish [if my cousins are, why can't I be?!]. Have you ever been to a Jewish wedding? They know how to throw a party. Hava nagila, I say.

My sad, sad Christmas tree is still embarrassingly bare. I hope modesty isn't one of its qualities, or else it probably feels very uncomfortable right now.

And now on to the portion of today's entry in which I like to call "Random tid bits from the chaotic quagmire that is my brain."

1. You'd think that following 500 million blogs would lead to copious amounts of giveaway wins right? Wrong. But today I finally won one. Victory! I am now a lucky receiver of a subscription to Southern Flourish, a delightful e-mag that the lovely Oliva from Everyday Musings is a contributer for. Haven't read her blog? Do it! She is adorable beyond words.
2. I have a love/hate relationship with Glee [mostly love; only hate when plotlines turn to corny dribble]. Last night I embraced the "love" side, as Caroline and I watched their version of "Marry You" from a couple of episodes ago FOUR times without ever getting tired of it. I went to bed with it in my head, and am humming it as we speak. I may break down and actually buy it on iTunes. This is a huge deal for me, y'all. I'm cheap. For reals.
3. Is it sad that I want to take a Christmas card picture with Chester? I'd prefer it if he wore some sort of Christmas headgear, such as antlers or a Santa hat [I inadvertantly typed "hate" at first, thus embodying how he would feel about such a situation]. Aaron might disown me and my friends would laugh at me, but how awesome would we be!?
4. I am all about Kate Middleton right now. Can I be her? Can I falsify some documents and emerge as a long lost relative? I just really want to go to a royal wedding. Is that too much to ask?
5. Victoria's Secret fashion show. Are those women REAL?! Seriously.
6. I still have not seen Harry Potter. This is a travesty. A TRAVESTY.

And fin.


Caroline Henley said...

if you made a Christmas card with Chester I would support it. you love that cat! aaron might seriously be embarrassed though...

i keep playing the song today at work too :) I'll sing it at your wedding. nbd.

Kimberly Geneviève said...

I know! It's shocking, but I have to admit, I'm thrilled it's the 1st of December. Let the holiday season begin.

andrea said...

I want a Christmas card of you and Chester STAT. Maybe Clark and I will send you one in return.

Also...I'm still SO EXCITED that you won your first blog giveaway! I feel like you're a rockstar which in turn makes ME feel like a rockstar for being friends with a rockstar. Just sayin'. :)


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