Friday, June 29, 2012

The day Hollywood exploded with excellent gossip!

This Hollywood gossip junkie's mind is BLOWN over today's top stories!

I think these events were timed precisely to take the edge off all the intense discussions of Obamacare.

Bravo, Hollywood, bravo.

This crazy train, couch-jumping, scientology-fueled marriage has finally met its demise. And though their relationship can be described as all of the aforementioned things and more, I must admit I'm a tiny bit sad. Maybe because I was just so fascinated with their strange life and alien child, Suri. 
It is reported that Katie was under a five year marriage contract, and was just one of numerous actresses approached by Cruise representatives to see who would take on his offer. Do we recall how Katie's engagement to Chris Klein ended abruptly, then in swooped Maverick? Coincidence? 
Whatever the case, I hope Tom now feels free to be his own true self! [a short, crazed, possibly gay, scientologist?]

PREGGERS!! Is this prime song writing material or what?
My two hopes for her during this time:
1. That she does indeed keep writing songs.
2. That she puts out the cigarette.

Happy Friday, world!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fabulous as always

An evening with some of your best and oldest friends can really do the trick.

Swampy, beloved member of the Fab Four, will soon be moving to sunny Florida to be with her lovah.

As you can imagine, we're all trying to soak up the last moments of being in the same state.

Growing up is silly.

Look at my creepy claw.

I just adore them :)

[For all ye San Antonio residents, I highly recommend Blue Bar at the Pearl Brewery and Ocho Lounge at Hotel Havana. San Antonio is so hip theses days!]

Friday, June 15, 2012

Sometimes it's necessary to visit your college town for a dose of the "good ol' days"

Things that are cool: 
When one of your BFFs is from the area your college town is in AND is getting married there.

That means visiting aforementioned town.

Fellow Aggies, I present to you the new MSC!

I was just floored at how gorgeous it is. Nothing retro about this place anymore!

This has nothing to do with the MSC or Texas A&M, but how sweet is this sunglasses/mustache combo?

Best thing about visiting your college town:
Eating dinner at your favorite restaurant, followed by outrageously cheap Kyoto Sunrise shots. They're still as good three years later, FYI.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


It may appear that I've fallen off the face of the earth.

Not so.

Life just gets a little tricky sometimes, y'all.

So here are some tidbits that have been keeping me going.

The world's most sexually frustrating book. What? I know everyone else is thinking it. But seriously, this book was like crack. Shitty writing, laughable dialogue, but...damn.

Probably my new favorite show. The writing is smart, and for the most part, relatable. The characters intrigue me while providing large doses of comedic relief. Basically, there is nothing I don't love about this show. Can Lena Dunham be my BFF?

Whoever decided to put coconut in Greek yogurt is a genius. While it doesn't exactly quench my hunger for a slice of chocolate cake/pie/cookies/ice cream, it temporarily does the trick. Or I fool myself into thinking so.

 With a girls trip to Myrtle Beach at the beginning of August, it's high time I get into shape. Enter: boot camp. I feel so accomplished after every session. So accomplished that I often follow it up with an alcoholic beverage or carb loaded meal. Clearly I'm not good at this exercise thing.

Wedding planning! [not my own] BFFs are preparing for marriage left and right. I witnessed one pick out her dress, am gearing up for another's bachelorette party, and got a call from another informing me of her Vegas proposal. I can only hope that one of them will make the last minute decision to add on a one mile long train to their dress like the chick in the above picture.

Travel times. Impending trips keep me going. Boston, Myrtle Beach, Australia, and little ones in between. Particularly excited about that last one of course. Bring on the Ambien, footy, and kangaroos. 

What's keeping you going these days? Smut books? Good food?

Do tell!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Starting summer off right

And I use the term summer loosely since corporate America doesn't allow for summer vacay.

Damn them!!

However, that doesn't stop us from parking in fun outdoor activities.

Enter: the pedal party.

I brought my own refreshments since beer isn't my thing. But Budlight Lime-a-ritas are AMAZING. Go have one. Or four.

We had a quick pit stop with our young lovers. Ew. Pretend like I didn't say that.

Behold the pedal party. Matching shirts...pretty cool, huh? All to celebrate our friend the birthday girl!

Post pedal party...two hours pedaling in the sun, drinking beverages, and stopping at bars. It was a looong day.


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