Thursday, December 23, 2010

Photoshoots and cookies on a merry Christmas Eve Eve

I love being home, especially around Christmas. And while we may not have a Christmas tree this year [thanks, home remodeling], it's nice just to be here with my parents and being able to catch up with old friends that I don't see nearly enough.
Plus, Chester is enjoying having lots of space to play and other kitties to socialize with.

Today I met up with some of my best friends, Ronnie, Swampy, and Haritha, for our traditional Christmas gathering. We usually have go-to restaurants for this occasion, but this year we switched it up and went to a great place called the Guenther House. It's an old mansion in a historic area of San Antonio that has been turned into a little restaurant downstairs. We had a great time catching up and staging photoshoots everywhere we went.
Then we came back to my house for sugar cookie baking. Domestic? Yes we are. But maybe we also made some hurricanes to accompany us.
Oh, so I also tried Zumba today. Anyone else done that before? It's an excellent work out!

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!!


andrea said...

Zumba? Well, look at you! I'm quite impressed. Oh, and your pictures are cute. And double oh, Merry Christmas and I missssssss you!

Katie Jo said...

Zumba is supposed to be a really amazing workout, but I'm not really down for the embarassment of dancing that way in front of strangers. More power to ya!

Katie Jo said...

p.s. you and your friends are all SO lovely!


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