Tuesday, December 28, 2010


After a week of being home, I've almost forgotten that I don't live here anymore. One can get quite use to the delicious sandwiches of rib roast and brie, homemade Christmas treats, playful animals all around, and sweet parents and friends. But alas, I must return to real life in Houston tomorrow. This means a return to the daily grind at the office [I've been working from home this week, what what], BUT it also means New Years celebrations and my birthday! On Monday I will ring in 24 years of existence. Nearly a quarter of a century. I hope to rejoice in it with lots of food and cupcakes [hint hint].

A few shots from the past couple of days:

The girls got together again one last time for a night of wine and juicy story telling. We've come a long way from high school!

This will be my first birthday ever to not be at home, so my parents and I did an early celebration together at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants here.

In true Mexican restaurant fashion, a large sombrero was placed on my head while I was sung to. I know you're just dying to see pictures of this, but there are none. Thank goodness.

You know, while I was in my dark angry days of unemployment, I couldn't WAIT to get out of this house. Everything annoyed me and I was chomping at the bit to have my independence. Now that I have that sweet freedom, I appreciate home SO much more. Even more than when I was off to college; I think because back then, I could come home whenever I wanted to and there were built in ENORMOUS breaks every semester. So now when I come home, I try to treasure every moment I have here, whether it be just hanging out playing game after game of cards or Trivial Pursuit with my mom, or being silly with treasured old friends. I'm an adult with my own life, and though this will always be home in my heart, it will never be HOME again in the sense of a place where you live permanently. Thinking about it always gets me kind of melancholy :/

WELL. Now that I have been on a prolonged emo streak, I must leave you with something joyous and delightful.
Christmas may be over [and I apologize for not posting this earlier for all you fellow fans], but it's never too late for some Keyboard Cat!!


Katie Jo said...

oh keyboard cat, how i love thee, let me count the ways...

i'd love to go home for awhile. it's so crazy how easily people take "home" for granted. but we all do it. we crave freedom until it becomes overwhelming. a dose of mom and dad is a good fix though =)

SKG said...



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