Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas countdown: 5 days

Not that it actually feels like Christmas, what with 75 degree weather and all.
Is it too much to ask to have cold weather so that I can prance around in a cute hat, scarf, peacoat, and boots, looking all winter bunny-esque??

Maybe something of this variety. Though I would avoid the awkward posing.

While much of the population [i.e. teachers and those with vacation time saved up] is already celebrating the holidays by NOT being a member of the workforce, here I sit in my cubicle, where it is colder than the outside temperature. Curses! All I have to do is make it to Wednesday, then I'm off to San Antonio for a week of family time and catching up with friends. And you'd better believe that I am working from home the week after Christmas. Take that, corporate America!!

This past weekend consisted of:
1. Saying farewell to the ginger boyfriend, who went home for the holidays and will then be moving back to College Station. Why must engineers take an eternity to graduate? Also, I brought this upon myself for being a total cougar.
2. Apartment cleaning/bonding with Chester. I'm sure you want to hear more exciting details on this, but I must move on.
3. Braving an overly crowded mall. It was with good friends though, which automatically makes the experienc more worthwhile. There was also a large chocolate chip cookie involved to appease me.
4. A no-boys allowed, ladies night out. Quite a success.
5. Seeing the Black Swan. AWESOME. You have to be into psychological thrillers though. And be comfortable with some...interesting...moments. If not, I suggest just closing your eyes. Natalie Portman can do no wrong.

Hope everyone had a marvelous weekend and has a lovely Christmast week! For those of you who are also working this week, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!


Caroline Henley said...

you know this excites me

cant wait to go shopping tomorrow... maybe we'll purchase outfits similar to this for ourselves??? i mean we'll probably get money for christmas anyways so it's fine right???

Diana Smith said...

Oooh I love peacoats and being able to wear them this time of year! But I am a little jealous that its 75 degrees for you since we just got a ton of snow!

Embo said...

I'm going home Thursday too and will be there for a week. Playtime please?!

Katie Jo said...

it's about 25 degrees right now in ya ;)

i also sit here at work, only, in an office, not a cubicle ;)

i too braved the mall this weekend, it was a horrendous experience.

black swan is on my list of MUST-SEE movies...natalie can definitely do NO wrong...even with the added naughty scenes ;) gotta see it VERY soon! looks so good!


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