Tuesday, January 11, 2011

That time my apartment almost looked kinda cute

I've been in my apartment since October, but I purchased a couch just this past weekend.
Now, let me tell you, buying a large piece of furniture that will be used by many made me feel like such an adult. Not my first expensive rent check, not my big girl job, a COUCH.

As you can see, Chester likes the couch too. I see a lot of vacuuming in my future.

I also finally hung those two prints on the wall. They were in my bedroom growing up, but I appreciate them to this day. What can I say, I'm a sucker for French inspired things. And animals.

The shelves needed something in between them, so I went for a cheap print and frame. We'll pretend that's the original painting, ok?

I found this at TJ Maxx/Home Goods when I was in San Antonio and just had to have it. It makes me feel fancy and chic. Please disregard how bad those two little paintings look above it. I either want to get a larger piece of art for the space or put up several small ones.

Notice that I am tring to start a frame wall. Right now it's kind of puny.

The whole shebang. It's getting there!!

What would make this whole thing even better and make me the happiest girl alive would be if I had a Casey O'Connell painting [or 5] to display. Le sigh.

Any tips or suggestions?? [I'm looking at you, Mandy!]


Erin said...

Buying my dining room table was what made me feel like an adult...just like you and your couch. Kind of funny how that seems more definitive than a job, rent or car payment. :-)

Katie Jo said...

It's coming together quite well!!!

The prints above the couch and the mirror table are my faves! And Chester too...

Meredith! said...

it looks really good! i can't wait to get my own apartment!!

Caroline Henley said...

yayyyy!! i'm so proud of how it looks! just call me again if you want help hanging things :)

OH and dinner party soon please?!

Brittney S. said...

I love those throw pillows!

kara lynn said...

yes those pillows are beautiful!

Sara Louise said...

My couch is very similar, the color is the same but the shape is a bit different, but your pillows are way cuter!
And great find at TJ Maxx!

*Trisha* said...

The 'whole shebang' looks really good, Alex (:

I loved this post. I live with my parents right now. But, after I get my big girl job (hopefully soon!) and pay off a few student loans, I'll be getting my own place! Eeeeek. So very excited. Pretty sure I'll be starting out with just mattresses, clothes, and pots and pans.

Thanks for showing us your place. It makes me excited to eventually have a place of my own too.



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