Sunday, January 9, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Who doesn't love an award?
Caroline and Andrea [blog friends who happen to be my friends in real life too] both bestowed upon me the Stylish Blogger Award. Thanks gals!

Guidelines of the award are to list seven things you might not know about me, then pass the honor on to 15 fellow blogers.

Seven things about Alex that you might not know [or you might indeed know if you have read my blog for a while, in which case I love you]:
1. I have never been to Disney World [true story, a commercial about Disney World JUST came on right as I typed that].
2. I am a VERY meticulous eater. I have to maneuver around my plate in a calculated manner, and if I am hungry enough to finish everything [which is often], I prefer the plate to be CLEAN. As in, I like to sop up every bit of sauce/juice/whatever.
3. I started normal schooling in the middle of Kindergarten. Before that I went to a Montessori school. It was a bit odd, but I was the only one in my new Kindergarten class who already knew how to read.
4. Pretty much anything slightly emotional/sad/happy can make me cry. Most TV shows, even if they are comedies, can make me cry if they play their cards right.
5. I have hyperhydrosis of the hands and feet. AKA I have sweaty palms and feet. Do you know how embarrassing this can be?? Having to hold hands with people during the Lord's Prayer at church was my worst nightmare. Several years ago my dermatologist gave me a special roll-on medicine to wear at night, which did help the problem. It's definitely not as bad anymore, but every now and then it strikes. BUT guess what? Aaron has the same problem and the same medicine. Match made in heaven, I know. Please don't be grossed out.
6. I am obsessed with weddings. And engagements. And stalking both of these things on Facebook. They also make me cry. Surprised?
7. The first time a boy asked me out [mind you, this was 5th grade], I SCREAMED and ran away.

And I am sharing the love with these fantastic ladies. Check them out!


thobeka said...

ah, thank you so much!! :) you're too sweet. i'm exactly the same with your #4 - i cried watching 'bolt' today! my friends tease me about it all. the. time.

amanda archambault said...

Style blogger award!! oh that's nifty! I like

Thanks for sharing the post. Lovely!
Visit my blog and follow. I'll do the same in return.
xoxo, A

J said...

congrats on the award! I was laughing when you said that you and your man have the sweaty palms thing, that's such a coincidence! oh and I also laughed when you said you screamed and ran away from the kid who asked you out! I'm sure that kid felt great about himself after that! lol


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