Thursday, January 27, 2011

My body is rebelling against me

For the past few days I have felt like this:

My kind, motherly boss sent me home yesterday and today with orders to get rest. Rest, I have [but I've also gotten work done, so I'm not totally unproductive]. 
Lots of 30 Rock and Tudors watching, plus I'm on the last Pretty Little Liars book.
So please excuse my lack of wit or entertainment.
Off to the couch I go!


Caroline Henley said...

soooooooooooooo jealousssssssssss

Katie Jo said...

i hope you're wearing cute, fuzzy slippers!

feel better soon!

p.s. i STILL need to get my ass in gear with the Tudors!!!!

Diana Smith said...

OHH that is the worst!! I hate being sick! That must be so miserable, atleast your boss understood! I hope you feel much better soon!!

*Trisha* said...

Days dedicated to rest should happen more often (: After 3 days of 12 hour clinicals at the hospital for nursing school, my brain would be fried and the life would have been sucked out of me. So, I know what you mean by having rest be such a necessary medicine. I'm glad you're getting some(:

No need to be witty or entertaining all the time, anyways.


chrischaos said...

hope u get better,.

a life of color said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling like death. Get some sleep and try and enjoy the laazy time :) Feel better!

thobeka said...

feel better soon!!


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