Friday, January 14, 2011

Is a Capricorn still a Capricorn by any other name?

I like to pride myself on not being superstitious or taking heed of any bullshit such as the zodiac, psychics, tarot readings, etc.

When in secret...I sometimes pay attention to these things for the simple reason of "what if??"
Now, this is not to say I live my life according to what Cosmo astrologer says [it's always something outrageously corny anyway like, "OH EM GEE when Jupiter is in the house of Saturn, you will totally buy a hot new purse and have crazy hot sex with a tanned and toned hunk!"]. Nor have I ever visited a psychic. But this one little piece of me can't blow them off completely! [except for Cosmo astrologer]

So when the news came out yesterday about a 13th zodiac sign that may have caused your personal sign to change, I maybe had a second of panic. My heart was beating as I consulted some super scholastic and reliable website about zodiac love matches to find out if Aaron and I were still ideal matches, as our previous signs suggested [we are, just in case any of you were concerned]. Then I realized how silly I was being and promptly shut the computer.

And NOW I come to find that none of this shiz even applies to the western world OR people born before 2009. Well thank God!

I am super pumped for this weekend.
Tonight holds the promise of a throw-back middle school slumber party with Caroline and Courtney. We're talking pizza delivery, oreos, cheetos, pigtails, dancing, jumping around, possible pranks, and boy gossip. What will not be present is middle school level metabolisms or braces. I am only thankful for one of those not being present.
On Saturday we are cooking a big meal, in which we are each responsible for a part of it. Caroline took appetizers, Courtney has the entree, and I have dessert. This was a feat, as Caroline IS THE PICKIEST EATER IN THE WORLD. I love her still though.

I hope everyone has a marvelous weekend!!


Katie Jo said...

Luckily, my sign remained the same regardless =) but I also had a slight panic attack at the thought of it changing.

Sounds like a fun weekend =)

Caroline Henley said...

sorrryyyyyyyy I'm the worst!! but you know you're excited about the chocolate cake goodness you created and your fav candy i picked up for you last night :)

Embo said...

I'm so jealous of yall's slumber party. You bitches should come to Dallas and play with meeeeee.

Sara Louise said...

This zodiac news has not made it to me in my little corner of France. I'm in panic and googling now...
(sleepover sounds totally fun by the way!)


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