Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday randomness party

Ever since the end of my 30 day project, my little brain has been devoid of any clever ideas to share with y'all. So what could be better than just dumping a whole bunch of random thoughts. happenings, and intriguing news stories [i.e. things I have obtained from Perezhilton] on the blog for your reading pleasure? Seriously, y'all, this is gonna be random city.

Alex's completely random and in no particular order list of STUFF:
[I really like lists. They make me feel organized and accomplished.]

1. Last night I played bunco with Courtney and Amy. This was my first time to go again since the Halloween bunco extravaganza. What was different this time, you may ask. Well, I WON my own $5 buy-in back for having the most LOSSES. Hey, sometimes it pays to be a loser. Also, I got to drink mimosas. Those take me to my happy place.
2. After said bunco affair, I found I had hip discomfort. And it is still present this afternoon. I am obviously turning geriatric. Or I was gyrating wildly last night for reasons unknown to me.

3. After obtaining my library card, I am sad to announce that I did not use it to procure great works of literature. Instead, I checked out EVERY SINGLE [8 of them] book in the Pretty Little Liars series. I shall point out that they are quite blatantly stamped with a "young adult" sticker. Whatever, they're entertaining and I like the TV show. I promise the next thing I check out will be something of substance!

4. Did you know that attractive people tend to be more intelligent than unattractive or average people? Some scientists somewhere [yeah, I wasn't paying attention to details on this one] have announced this breakthrough. My issue with this is that beauty is completely subjective. So how were these scientists deciding who the attractive people were? Some people think Ed Westwick is hot. I think he is quite possibly one of the most unattractive men I've ever seen. As to his brain, I cannot speak. See how this attractiveness v. intelligence study could possibly have an issue? Plus, Einstein was an ugly dude and we all know how smart he was.

5. Reason #4897495784 why I love Jennifer Garner: She admitted to being sloshed during a recent appearance on the Martha Stuart show. Apparently Martha the lush kept filling her glass full of champagne before they even got to the cooking portion of the show. We all know that for regular folk like us, alcohol+no food in tummy=drunk. Celebs aren't immune to it either!!


Unassuming celebrity

6. Speaking of alcohol, the new trend amongst [idiotic] teenagers is to get drunk by POURING VODKA IN THEIR EYES. Let that soak in for a moment [no pun intended]. Voda. Eyes. Pouring. Sounds like an excellent idea right? Wrong. I don't even have to elaborate on why this is dangerous. Makes you wonder how the first instance of this went down though, right?
Studpid teen #1: Dude. I'm 16 and my life sucks. [insert emo rant]. I just want to get drunk and feel nothing.
Stupid teen #2: I know where my parents keep the vodka. I heard that does the trick. But conforming is lame, so let's not drink it like sane people. I bet if we do something like pouring it in our eyes, our friends will think we're cool.
Stupid teen #1: Rad.

7. And if you thought that vodka in the eyes was just a symptom of young stupidity, there is indeed cause for further worries: Accoring to a new study, 45% of college students do no significant learning in their first two years of school. Hopefully they're intelligent enough to not be pouring libations in their eye sockets, but the customary keg stands, parties, jello shots, and the like are certainly hindering the learning potential of today's young brains. So to reiterate, for TWO YEARS young collegians [is that a word? I'm making it one. I promise I've never done a keg stand so we can't blame that] will learn nothing except how to cure a hangover the next morning. Bodes well for a promising future, right?

8. Boy bff enlightened me today on the inner workings of a man's brain and told me this: Men don't like it if their girlfriend/wife makes more money than they do. It compromises their manliness or whatever. They Tarzan. Us Jane. They must take care of us and bring home the bacon! Ginger boyfriend agrees. Excuse me? We are going to discuss this further.

9. I'm not sure if I ever believed in the whole 2012 apocalypse, but I must say I'm curious of late. Mass deaths of birds, fish, cows, and even seals have me wondering what's in store for good ol' planet Earth. I mean, that's not normal right?

10. I will end with this:
Get a load of all those tattoos! I should have been aware of the quantity of tats on Weezy's body, but I was not. Rather, I should have SUSPECTED this was his situation. The man drinks grape soda with Codine, so anything is possible. Might I add, he is the perfect subject to dispute the attractive-people-are-smarter theory. This is an unfortunate looking man, but this unfortunate looking man can write a mean rhyme. Yeah, I just said that.

Happy weekend to all!!!


Katie Jo said...

wait...hold the eyes? wow.

this was all very enlightening. i feel like i learned something today which i good because i was feeling useless from browsing twitter, facebook and mormon blogs ALL.DAY.LONG.

J said...

#8 - VERY true! A man is supposed to be the provider... or at least he thinks and feels that he has to be!
#10 - what exactly can lil wayne write? because the hip-hop community agrees that he can't write rhymes! He is terrible in my opinion! lol

andrea said...

4. I want to punch Ed Westwick in the face.
6. My eyes watered and started to burn just READING about the vodka-poured-into-eyes thing. OH MY GOD NO.
7. Is it strange that I did my first keg stand post grad? And is it strange that I just admitted that in your comments section? Meh, whatev. I don't give a shit.
10. Tattoos on Weezy's eyes = more watering and burning of MY eyes. Wtf.

chrischaos said...

albert is the man,and weezy is a ho.

a life of color said...

LOVED this post of randoms. Although, the whole vodka in the eyes scenario has me a little freaked out and slighly concerned.Thank God we are no longer in our teens right?

*Trisha* said...

4. I'm pretty sure most scientific research classifies people's attractiveness based on symmetry (as symmetrical faces often indicate good genes) and various physical traits that correlate with high fertility (light big eyes and thick glossy long hair). At least that's what I've read from most scientific journals and books discussing the topic.

People subconsciously find others with good genetic makeup as attractive. Makes sense, but it's kinda crazy how all of this happens without most people even knowing it (:

6. IN THE EYES?!? That's just weird... :P

*Trisha* said...

edit: *like* big eyes... not light big eyes. heh.

and insert *positively correlates* in place of 'correlate' :D

should have re-read that ^_^

wilybrunette said...

vodka in the eyes?!!!! if that doesn't signal the end of the earth than i don't know what does.

as for the attractiveness thing--maybe they are judging by a non-subjective standard such as the symmetry of the face? i don't know

Sara Louise said...

This is awesome!
1. I can admit to recently reading a book marked Young Adult. It's called Revolution and wasn't bad at all!
2. I read about that Vodka in the eyeballs thing and am totally perplexed by all these morons. What happened to good old fashioned chugging???
3. I worship Jennifer Garner and will be heading straight over to YouYube to try and find her on the Martha Stewart show

Jenni Austria Germany said...

weezy's pretty ridiculous. and i love him for it.


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