Friday, January 7, 2011

Gorilla juicehead guido heaven

Oh lawzy. Do y'all watch Jersey Shore? Trust me, I resisted with all my might for the first two seasons. Being a lover of all things pop culture, this was a feat for me. But I held my head high and turned a blind eye to the outrageous antics of Snookie, Sammi, JWow, Ronnie, Paulie, Vinny, and The Situation.

But now.

Oh man. Now, I'm singing a different tune.

Aaron and I randomly started watching season 2 episodes out of boredom last weekend and slowly but surely got ourselves HOOKED.

There was no going back.

Last night as I lay in anticipation on my couch, stuffed with sushi and a champagne cockatail,  I felt like a giddy school girl waiting for a glimpse of her ultimate crush to walk by. It was almost better than Christmas morning.

And thank you guidos and guidettes, for I was not disappointed!!

There were enough one liners and girl fights in last night's premier to last comics a lifetime. Twitter was blowing up every 5 seconds with people [like myself and Katie Jo] who felt the need to play-by-play tweet. It was one glorious American cultural experience if ever I saw one.

I won't ruin the episode for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, or for those of you who are now just dying to see what all the rage is about, but I promise it was PURE TV GOLD.

They may be trashtastic to the max, STD ridden, and tanner than Bob Barker, but my gosh they are entertaining. Plus, I guess you can't really fault them for what has become such an American thing to do: capitalize on your most unsavory traits by going on a reality tv show and making so much money that you can roll up in a luxury vehicle. Cha ching!!

Aaand on a completely different and non-trashy note, my alma mater is playing in the Cotton Bowl today against LSU. While I would like to be in Arlington tailgating and heckling the Tiger fans, must settle for blogging about it. Gig 'em Aggies!!


Diana Smith said...

Yeah, I was so not interested in Jersey shore, I thought it was so dumb, but right before this last season started they played them all nonstop and guess who was watching! So sick, but its pretty funny!

J said...

haha, i think i watched that show twice (it was a marathon, so 2 back to back episodes). it really is addictive so i cut them off after the second episode! lol

Embo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Embo said...

Because I refuse to acknowledge the existence of the worthless human beings who pretend they are from New Jersey, I'm going to skip over that part of your post and just say Gig 'em Ags!

Caroline Henley said...

gig them!

and yes... I know if I started watching Jersey Shore I would love it......... but I have resisted for so long....... ahhhhh #whitegirlproblems? haha

Mandy said...

Haha! I've never seen it... But I might start.

andrea said...

Squirrel monkeys. 'Nough said.

andrea said...

PS: Alexxxxx, I totally gave you a silly little blog award over at my blog, so check it out! :)

Sara Louise said...

I really don't want to like watching Jersey Shore, but I totally do!


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