Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Insert lyrics to Taylor Swift songs here

I mentioned I was going to the Taylor Swift concert on Saturday night.

It was a good time.


She played about 90% slow songs.

Slow songs + really long concert = sleepy Alex.

But then...

Nelly suddenly appeared on stage as a special guest.

I think that greatly pleased all of us over the age of 20.

Trust me, there weren't many of us.

The view from our suite.

She was right below us on this little spinning tree thing.

Oh hey, Nelly. Makes perfect sense that you're at a Taylor Swift show.

You may already know this, but Taylor Swift has a Scottish Fold kitten named Meredith.

I know this because she tweeted pictures of her.

I was hoping she'd bring her out on stage.

Crazy cat lady, I know.


Jenni Austria Germany said...

hahaha WHY was nelly there....so weird. i mean, i guess she couldn't get kanye or any of his friends so nelly was the next best? strange.

and i'm the same way. slow songs at a concert = bedtime lullabies.

Celeste said...

hahahaha I would have been pretty excited when Nelly came out, too!!

Christina Marie said...

You and another favorite blogger of mine were both there... so jealous!


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