Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Renaissance Festival...where all the crazies hang out

Things that occurred/I saw during my time at the Texas Renaissance Festival:
  1. Camping out on Friday night and sleeping very close to each other for warmth.
  2. RIP, pink camera. It got stepped on while dancing.
  3. A woman breastfeeding her baby, in public, while walking. It should also be known that she was in costume. Classy.
  4. People with very little clothing on. People that should probably exercise a little more.
  5. A little girl dressed as a dragon, complete with working wings.
  6. Some legit kilts
  7. Turkey legs. Nom nom.

We're so hood. Literally. Get it?

You know I had to take a picture in front of a kitty sign.

I could not figure out if this lady was an employee of the festival or was just plain crazy. She sat on a bench talking to and petting this mummified looking cat. His name was Mr. something...the name escapes me. She got up to show us "tricks" he could do. Could this be me in the future?


Meg O. said...

Ah, I love Ren Fest weirdos. It's so amusing. Love the kilts!

I need to check out Ren Fest again... it's been quite a few years.

Beat of Sandra's Heart said...

Ha! The kitty sign!

Karm said...

I enjoy Renaissance Festivals. They are so much fun, especially the booths and gift shops


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