Friday, November 11, 2011

Give this lady some Haggis [no..not really...gross]


Before you get too excited, I am not going to Scotland.

But I WILL be running around in a kilt on a large field in Texas.

The yearly Renaissance Festival is almost over, so a big group is going out there for the "Highland Fling" themed weekend.

This will be my first time to partake, and I'm expecting a ton of really great people watching.

For example, this is a common site:

I smell good times ahead.

But none of them will involve any of those people up there.


Ashley said...

hahaha. if you see a lady in a grommett-studded wood bra PLEASE take a pic! haha.

have so much fun being scottish today! :)

Daniela said...

can't wait to see the photos from the weekend!

♥AdamAlexMommy♥ said...

enjoyed your blog--fabulous photos! some are funny, and some are very inspiring. :) my daughter's name is alex, also. you have a wonderful blog. new follower. hoping to stay connected. cheers!


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