Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You have arrived in Sin City!

If you hate pictures, ignore my blog for a few days because I'm about to chronicle our long-awaited girls trip.

You have been warned.

We left for Vegas on Thursday evening.
As if I didn't have enough posts to inform you of that.

Upon arriving at the airport, we waited for our limo.

This was exciting for us.

I hadn't seen her since December!! This is why girls trips are essential to life.

We had the limo driver take us to get supplies for our room.

We also requested to eat at this little gem. Obviously. It was the best burger of my life.

We stayed at The Venetian, and David Spade had a show there that weekend. This is an important tidbit. Keep it in mind for a later post.

We headed out on the town after arrival for some gambling.

Lesson learned: I HATE GAMBLING. I spent $6 on slot machines and stopped. It was too painful to watch my money disappear. Is anyone surprised that the only machine that worked for me that night was this one? Crazy cat lady to the max.

Emily, Caroline, and Courtney all one some cash mooooney while I watched. No thank you, sir.

We were in bed by 3 am, which was not so shabby for having just arrived.
Look at us being all responsible!

Up next, Friday in Vegas.


Fashion Meets Food said...

Have fun! Hope you win big!!!


Meg O. said...

What a fun recap so far! LOVE me some In=N-Out! I've stayed at the Venetian quite a few times and it's one of my favorites! You girls look fab!

hay.jay said...

Ahhh, jealous. I still need to do Sin City!

Megan said...

it has been forever and a day since i had a girls weekend.

i need to get out more.

Sara Louise said...

I am so jealous. I want a girl weekend in Vegas!
Can't wait to see what you guys get up to... and about David Spade...


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