Thursday, July 28, 2011

Administrative announcements

Hear ye, hear ye!

I have some bloggy annoucements.

1. If you look to your left, you'll see a little icon box thingy [sophisticated description, I know] for Shabby Apple. It's a pretty awesome clothing/accessories company that has some of the most fab dresses I've seen. So if you're like me and enjoy wasting time at work, go browse.

2. Look to your right and you'll see I finally figured out how to add a "Follow me on Twitter" icon box thingy. Go me!

3. I'm 18 followers away from 100. When I hit the magic mark, I plan on having a giveaway. What will I give away? No idea. But it will be something rad!!

Now here's a picture of a kitten.


Allison said...

Just found your blog & am helping get to 100 now! I am pretty sure you are wearing an A&M shirt in your profile pic, whoop! Look forward to following your blog, come check mine out!!

Katie said...

Giveaway the kitten!

Jessie said...

LoL love the random kitty picture!

Sara Louise said...

How about giving away some good TexMex or like a Chicken Fried Steak? You can super duper express ship it. Just a thought. I know I'd enter the giveaway.

Jenni @ Story of My Life said...

"now here's a picture of a kitten." LMAO!! You crack me up. ;)


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