Friday, July 15, 2011

Another one of my British obsessions

I'm off galavanting in Sin City right now, but I just had to leave y'all with this very important post and confession.

I am a Harry Potter nerd.

There, I said it.

Even though I'm probably drinking giant margaritas and and putting pennies into slot machines, you can be sure that I will take a few seconds of this day to shed some tears over the premier of the last movie.

I want to cry just looking at that.

The culmination of my childhood/teenage years spent reading the books and later watching all the movies is about to come to an end.

Fear not, for I will be watching this [and crying the whole time] as soon as I return to Texas.

RIP Harry Potter saga, RIP.


Celeste said...

Aw.. I wouldn't say the saga has died, just that it's "complete."

Lidiya said...

I love Harry Potter - the most amazing saga ever! :)


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