Friday, July 22, 2011

Thanks for the memories

Our time in Vegas was a fun-filled three days.

If you and your girlfriends don't take some sort of annual trip, I suggest you start now!
We're already talking about tentative plans in Key West next year.

Vegas was much different than what I was expecting.

Here is what I learned:

1. There are not Elvis impersonators on every corner.
2. Nor are there hookers.
3. It is incredibly fancy.
4. Everything is HUGE.
5. The Strip is much bigger than it looks.
6. Being female is useful.
7. Everything costs more.
8. People there are really nice.
9. It is not unusual for parents to have their babies/toddlers/small children out on the Strip at 12 am.
10. If you hate gambling, you might have a hard time finding something to do in the wee hours of morning.

I must confess, I thoroughly enjoyed Vegas, but I didn't LOVE it.
Meaning, I definitely want to go back one day, but I won't cry my eyes out if it's not something I do every year. Personally, I'm more of a New Orleans kind of girl.

What made this trip were the friends.
I think we learned a lot about ourselves.
We went in to this trip expecting to dance drunkenly on tables and stay out well past sunrise.
Maybe it's good that we realized we're not 21 anymore.
And you know what? I'm fine with that.
In its own way, this trip surpassed expectations and turned out better than what I originally intended it to be.

We're growing up, y'all!

I already can't wait for Girls Trip 2012!


Celeste said...

i love this idea! my girlfriends and i don't have an annual trip, but i think we need to start! although my bestie and i have a shared "life goal" of going to edinburgh and morocco. that can be one of our annual trips :)

Meg O. said...

Glad y'all had a fun weekend! The thing about the strip is you decide to go nextdoor to poke around and it literally takes you thirty minutes to walk there! Bizarre!

We used to go every single Thanksgiving (random, I know) for a while and the novelty has definitely worn off for me. It's still fun and I definitely want to go back someday!! I LOVE NOLA, too!!!! Now THAT's a place to eat!

Ashley said...

Vegas is def a fun time! But I'm with you it's not something I crave every year. Now girl trips that's def something i feel is necessary! There's nothing like spending a few days with your best friends, bonding laughing and growing closer with another. I'm glad you ladies had a fun time and i love that first picture of all of you, so adorable!! <3

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Yeay!! Looks like you girls had a blast! Girl bonding time is so important! I'm soo excited I'm doing my first ever girls trip to Vegas in a month!

Sienna said...

glad you had fun belle! i havent even been to vegas since i turned 21, guess i need to get a move on!

Chandni said...

#6. Being female is useful
bahahah that cracked me up!! I'm glad yall had a good time :)

Chandni said...

#6. Being female is useful
bahahah that cracked me up!! I'm glad yall had a good time :)

Sara Louise said...

Isn't it funny when you begin to realize that getting drunk and dancing on tabletops until 3 in the morning isn't that much fun anymore? And it's because it makes the next morning, anything but fun!
(love your hat by the way)

Fashion Meets Food said...

My girlfriends and I really need to get together and have a trip. We all live in different states so we never get to see each other!


thobeka said...

i wanna go to vegas!!! looks like you girls had SO much fun!


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