Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pictures of food AND Justin Bieber? Yep, that's right.

First, here are some pictures of the delicious breakfast my mom made us Sunday morning when she was in town. Homemade biscuits and scrambled eggs with venison sausage (yes, Bambi), zucchini, tomatoes, and onion. NOM NOM NOM. I did this just to make you hungry. You're welcome.

My mom put extra pieces of dough on top of the biscuits. I think it kind of made them look like boobs. No?

So how does Justin Bieber fit into this, you might ask. Many of you know that I have wacky dreams. They are very vivid and make ZERO sense. It is extremely rare for me to have a normal dream.
So last night I dreamed that Justin Bieber took me on a date...to the mall...a mall with mini golfing in it. While we were there, we ran into Finn from Glee and a hot friend of his who was just a normal guy [as in, he wasn't from a TV show or anything]. Apparently I was BFFs with them, and it even seemed like I may have had some romantical history with them both. In my dreams, I'm a hussy. After running into them, Biebs tried to kiss me. I averted that situation real fast. I did not want to be seen in public, and by former flames, getting kissed by a pubescent boy. So he gets all emo [typical 16 year old boy] and we leave. Down in the parking garage, the scene suddenly changes and we are now at Chili Fest. For those of you unfamiliar with this Texas sized event, Chili Fest is a weekend-long drunk extravaganza involving chili and country music that's held in the middle of nowhere. i.e. Not a place Justin Bieber will ever be. We get in the car [mine...he doesn't drive] and I appease him with a 5 second make out. End dream.
Let me make it clear, I CAN'T STAND JUSTIN BIEBER. I can recognize that he is talented, but he annoys the hell out of me. That hair. His clothes. The way he talks. The fact that he has a MOVIE coming out baffles me to no end. What in the world does a 16 year old know about life?? Plus, it bothers me when grown women fawn all over him. He is 16. We all know that I am very pro-cougarism, but that's a little much. So why he was the star of my dream last night is a question I cannot answer.  


Bonnie said...

I love everything about this post, but especially the fact that you hate Justin Bieber and refused to make out with him. He's a little girl, anyway. When he finishes with puberty and loses his feminine voice, his career will be screwed.
Finn is much hotter, anyway.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Katie Jo said...

The title of this post had me at food & justin bieber.

i have bieber fever...totally...let's point out that i was 12 when he was born, and depending on the timeframe, i could have very well birthed a child. therefore, i'm old enough to be his mother!!!

ok...i'm exaggerating...freals, i was not a hussy at age 12, well, not even now.

point being, i think you're well on your way to converting to the bieber dark side, like me ;-)

can your mom come over and cook me some b-fast, please?!?!

*Trisha* said...

Bahahaha. I enjoyed reading about your dream very much. Don't ya just love how random they can be? (: Never fails to amuse me.

And yes, those biscuits do look like boobs! hehe

Sara Louise said...

Chili Fest!!! Wow that brings back some memories! And I'm not an Aggie, I'm a Longhorn, but a few friends went to A&M so I would spend some time there (and my boyfriend whenI was 21, so that's why I was partying there).
And how good does that breakfast look??? YUM!


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