Monday, February 21, 2011

Bad blogger

I have been a horrible blogger lately.

Last week was filled with concerns with my main man ginger cat, Chester. He caught an upper respiratory infection from the dreadful Henry [ok he's not dreadful, but I feel so bad that I adopted a sick cat and got Chester sick in turn], and was at the vet's for two nights. It was the saddest thing :(
Anyway, I won't go into detail about my sick cat because that is undoubtedtly the sign of a crazy cat lady.

The weekend was spent doing NOTHING and enjoying the gorgeous weather we've been having in Houston. In fact, Caroline and I went for a run yesterday even thought we both abhore exercise. True story: We will never run FOR FUN like so many people do. Half marathon? No thanks. Marathon? Oh hellll no. So as you can imagine, our run was more of a walk.
Nevertheless, we wanted to reward ourselves for voluntarily exercising. How did we do this, you might ask?
By eating nachos and drinking outside.
We like to call this "Sunday Funday." I think everyone should have a little of this in their life every once in a while. It turned into quite the gathering of fun-loving friends. Caroline and I are obviously geniuses when it comes to planning weekend activities.

That's all I have, amigos. I'm hoping for some blog inspiration soon.

Have a beautiful week!

P.S. Has anyone seen Catfish? I watched it Saturday night and was actually quite pleased. It hooked me from the beginning.


*Trisha* said...

Mmm nachos (: Makes me want some.

Everyone's blog goes up and down.. no worries on being busy. It's nice to see that other people don't post amazingness daily. Makes me feel better :D

Caroline Henley said...

aaaahhhh let's go again tomorrow?? the nachos were sooooo good!

Katie Jo said...

still sad i live too far away to partake in sunday funday

and don't even get me started about how one of my kittens was at the vet SEVEN DAYS and we had to seriously think about putting him down...thank goodness we made it through...ugh...i can relate.


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