Monday, February 14, 2011


First of all, Happy Valentine's Day!
Love to all!
But I already covered this topic last week, so let's move on.

The Grammy's were last night. No, I didn't watch [never do. I'm an Oscars kind of girl].
But the first thing I saw on Yahoo News this morning was an article about the fashion.
One word: HEINOUS.
Now, the Grammy's aren't exactly known for being a "classy" event in which beautiful clothing is on display. Howevever, I am convinced that this year everyone there got together beforehand and decided that they were going to look as wacky and tacky as possible. Then it became a huge competition to see who would inevitably win. Congratulations, everyone, because you all do!!

Exhibit A: Rhianna
Um...what? Did you know that your entire dress is not only covered in something that mildly resembles feathers, but that it is COMPLETELY SEE-THROUGH?? Thank goodness your lady parts are covered strategically, but damn. This is not fashion-forward. This is trashy and ugly. Plus, I'm over you, Rhianna.

Exhibit B: Lady GaGa
We, the public, have come to expect outrageous shit from her, so I shouldn't be so surprised about this. But...IT'S AN EGG. IT LOOKS LIKE IT WAS INCUBATED BY AN ALIEN BIRD. I mean, when did she sit down one day and think, " dress of meat just wasn't bat shit crazy enough, so I think for the Grammy's I'll arrive in an egg carried by people wearing outfits that make no sense. Yes, that's what I'll do. It wil make a statement." Lady GaGa, you are talented and entertaining, and have a good heart. I can respect that you want to march to the beat of your own drum. But my goodness, this drum is getting too kooky for me to comprehend!

 Exhibit C: Katy Perry
This little number looks like a Victoria's Secret Angel got into a heated battle with one of Selena's [RIP] famed bustiers, cheap fabric from Hobby Lobby, and an old Betty Boop doll. The dregs of this battle then ended up on Ms. Perry/Brand. Like Lady GaGa, Katy Perry also dresses to shock [or confuse]. But Katy Perry is INFINITELY more annoying. And like her BFF Rhianna up there, I am over her. Completely. Plus, OTHER PEOPLE make her songs 50 times better than when she sings them.

I could not bear to dissect more than three Grammy outfits, for my eyes did not enjoy the sensation of being burned by bad fashion.


Caroline Henley said...

agreed on all accounts

except I still love Katy Perry... just wish she would chill the fuck out sometimes!!

Embo said...

I am also totally over Katy Perry. And can we please discuss why her album was even nominated for Album of the Year?! Are you kidding? Any bimbo with boobs and auto tune could have produced that crap (as Katy herself proved to us).

Diana Smith said...

Yeah Lady Gaga is so strange! I am disappointed in what katy perry is wearing, she is normally really cute and glamorous, just didn't nail it this year!

*Trisha* said...

I SO agree!! I'm over all three of them... especially Rhianna. And their outfits are all pretty heinous!

JennAventures said...

Agreed about RiRi and KP. Basically any rendition that Glee does of any of their songs is better.

Natalie said...

Omg. Lady Gaga's egg is terrifying.

Sara Louise said...

I'm SO over Rhianna! And I'm pretty sure that Katy Perry is now only popular with the tween set. I saw a video of hers for the first time the other night (I live in the middle of nowhere and don't pay much attention to French TV) and it was the one where fireworks shoot out of her boobs... WTF???? Seriously, how do you think that sh*t up? "I want fireworks shooting out of my boobs and it's going to be GLORIOUS!"
And as far as GaGa goes, great talent but totally bat sh*t crazy.

Jenni Austria Germany said...

i love this because i don't get to watch things like the grammy's so i just read about them from you instead! oh much potentail there, too.


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