Monday, February 7, 2011

Motherly weekend

As the ice slowly melted, my dear mom made her way from San Antonio to visit me this past weekend weekend. It was so nice having her around. We ate [a lot], cooked, read, watched too many episodes of Say Yes to the Dress, shopped, toured around Houston, and she even helped me pick out my new cat.
Yes, I am a new cat mother...again. I am not striving to be a crazy cat lady at the age of 24, but Chester was in desperate need of a companion to keep him occupied when I leave him on weekends. So world, meet Henry:

Please excuse the crappy iPhone quality
He is six months old and makes Chester look like a giant fatso. Chester loves kitty friends, so they are getting along just fine. But hopefully Henry will stop jumping in the refrigerator every time I open it. Either he loves being cold, or he loves food as much as I do. I think I'm going to go with the latter because he is also wildly fascinated with a bag of leftover homemade biscuits that I had sitting on the counter. What a true Southern cat he is!

In honor of last night's Superbowl, I joined Caroline, Courtney, and Amy at their watching party. Let's be honest though, I was only there for the food, drinks, and friends. I think everyone was pretty much on the same page because the actual game was hardly watched at all. Unfortunately for everyone's ears, the halftime show was indeed watched.
Seriouly, Black Eyed Peas?
THEY WERE TERRIBLE. I have never cringed that much in my life. It was a hot mess extravaganza that I hope to never see repeated again. Usher dropping in from the sky was the only redeeming feature of the whole thing. Yuck.
Courtney, lucky girl that she is, won $25 whole dollars in our squares game. She may have been rooting for the losing team, but at least she can buy herself dinner now!

Only four more days until the weekend, people!


Katie Jo said...

My cat gets in the fridge too!!! Crazies....

B.E.P. were straight up shizzzz last sad.

Jenni Austria Germany said...

oooh i enjoyed reading this because i had no idea what happened during the game. i asked someone here if they watched it and we proceeded to have a 3 min convo involving me explaining what a big deal it is in the US. then when this person said to me ''i thought americans didn't care about football'' i realized i should have clarified i was NOT talking about soccer.

Jenni Austria Germany said...

and when i say 'what happened in the game' i obviously mean the BEP show.

Caroline Henley said...

ummmmmm seriously if usher hadn't shown up I think I would have thrown things at the tv. so glad you joined us and made the EXACT same nacho concoction that i did! :)

Sara Louise said...

Henry is the cutest name :-)

min said...

cute kitty! what a darling :)


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