Wednesday, February 2, 2011

In Texas, we don't know how to handle cold weather

I consider anything below 60 degrees to be cold, so you can imagine my feelings when I left for work today and it was 22. And I'm fairly confident that many Texans share my sentiments.

As a testament to how poorly equipped we are for such weather, the entire city of Houston is experiencing rolling blackouts today. Do you know how big Houston is? This is a huge deal for us, and everyone is in a tizzy about it. I am personally outraged that I am at work. I mean come on, the power goes off at least once every hour. Is there really any point in me being here?

So amidst all this abnormal weather, I had to laugh when it was announced that Punxsutawney Phil saw his little groundhoggy shadow, signaling an early Spring.
I hope he's right!

P.S. I am such an old woman for having a blog post dedicated to weather.
P.P.S. I hear Keyboard Cat has a new video coming out very soon. You bet I'll be posting it when I see it!!


Embo said...

Actually, the entire STATE of Texas is having rolling blackouts today. I've worked from home the past two days and I'm starting to go stir crazy!

stephanie said...

My friend (who goes to school in Texas) keeps telling me about hte crazy weather!

Meredith! said...

the weather in ga is ridiculous too! i'm so tired of this cold! i hope the groundhog is right!

JennAventures said...

ROlling blackouts are completely inconvenient. The traffic signals being out were what ruined MY day, I mean seriously, being at major intersections and going one at a time? Bah!

(And yes it's cold, but we are lucky we don't have 4 feet of blowing snow to contend with).


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