Wednesday, September 29, 2010


After over a year of trying, I finally got a job in Houston!
As things usually go, this came along right as I had settled into my life in College Station and had come to terms with not getting a job in the big city. But thanks to a dear friend, I can now move on to bigger and better things! And it's a job that actually utilizes my degree. Imagine that.
The hunt for an apartment begins this weekend, so I am hopeful that I'll be able to find the perfect place. Due to Houston real estate being crazy expensive [at least for someone who has been living in a VERY cost effective place for the past five years], I won't be able to live in the "hip" neighborhood I've been longing for, but this does not put a damper on my excitement.
Work starts October 11, so I will keep everyone posted!

*Any favorite Houston places? Restaurants/bars/museums/exciting sites? Most of my friends live there, but a fresh perspective would be nice!
*Also, does anyone have tips on the best way to learn how to use a Canon Rebel?? The boyfriend was way too generous and got one for me as a congratulatory gift. I have been covetting it for months, but now that I have it I find myself puzzled. Automatic settings are well and good, but I really want to use the camera to its potential!


jenny said...

aaron got it for you?! KEEPER.

have fun in houston lady, montrose is where it's at!

wilybrunette said...

oooooh!!! congratulations! congratulations!!!!!

good restaurants? hmmm. i really like REEF, Lupe Tortillas (the org. location) is my absolute favorite. i also really like a place called Momong. i'm gonna keep thinkin' on it for you.

la beast said...


Caroline Henley said...


Alex, you know Lupe Tortialla is my fav, we will have to go there VERY soon

Bridget said...

hey alex! haha i thinnnnnk you meant the f word didn't you?!?! yes, sometimes i'd rather substitute that instead of 'freaking' but THEN what would the conservatives say?!?!


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