Friday, September 3, 2010

Prada, bloggers, and rabbit holes?

I've made mention before of the peculiarity of my dreams. I don't know if it's a testament to my imagination or not, but they're really strange. Always. Sometimes I find myself wondering, "should I even be dreaming that? Does this make me a freak!?"
In order to avoid another picture post that most likely makes me sound vapid, I will share my most recent nocturnal musings.

As is typical in dreams, I can't tell you where exactly it began. But somehow I am in a large office building in NYC, having just gotten out Upon exiting the building, I stumble across a Prada photoshoot. It is school themed. The photographer starts calling my name, urging me to pose and become part of the shoot. Hell yes, I'll certainly partake! So I'm doing my thing, most likely looking like a complete tool, when some gorgeous Italian dude strides up to me and...licks the outside of my mouth? Yes. His breath is delightfully minty and I do not resist. Hey, all in the name of art, right? The photographer, models, and gathering crowd applauds as I take a bow.

Next, I find myself walking up to a cute house in the woods, accompanied by my mom. We knock on the door and who should answer but the writer of one of the blogs I follow. She is very excited to see us even though she doesn't know us from adam. I feel creepy for A)Knowing where she lives [I promise I don't actually know where any of my favorite bloggers live] and B)Knowing the names of the other people in the house. We sit and chat for a while when suddenly...

I'm falling down the Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole with this guy I used to have a thing for. After landing, we start running around a treehouse maze looking for someone or something. I am running in high heels for some reason that is beyond me. Apparently our mission gets accomplished because we eventually find ourselves at a pub.

The end.

So what does this mean/how can I interpret these random situations? I've come up with some options.
1. NYC isn't too strange because it's my favorite city on earth. Moving on.

2. I miss school. Sad, but true. I'd kill to go back to college [but not as a business major. Whose idea was that anyway??]

3. I long to wear designer labels/have massive amounts of attention showered upon me.

4. I follow too many blogs and like to live vicariously through people I have never met.

5. I have secretly been slipping myself hallucinogens?

I feel these might be pretty accurate assumptions [minus the hallucinogens bit].


Adele said...

haha! i used to have insane dreams where i could remember every single detail, but now that i'm all grown up im only fortunate to have these superbly detailed dreams once in abit...i sometimes wish i could dream more!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Dreams like that are nuts. I don't have too many like that but when I do I always wake up wondering!


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