Friday, September 17, 2010

23 going on 60...or 16

This morning I received confirmation that I am completely incapable of acting my age.

Because I get bored easily and enjoy variety, I have my ipod set to go through all of its songs alphabetically. I have been at this for months now and am finally on "T" songs. Today's soundtrack on the way to work consisted of Johnny Mathis' "A Time For Us" and Jim Croce's "Time in a Bottle." Some of you may be asking yourself who the hell these people are. But maybe I underestimate our age group and you know exactly who they are. Either way, it doesn't change the fact that I was listening to (and immensely enjoying) music favored by women in their 60s. To add insult to injury, "A Time For Us" made me all teary and emotional.

So what's my deal? I seem to find my interests and behaviors falling into categories that are either younger or older than 23. How does a typical 23 year old act?? I feel like it's the age itself that's the's such a limbo year.


Younger than 23
*Partaking in college-like behaviors, such as drinking too much and staying out too late [on occasion only now; take of the judgey pants]
*Dating someone two years younger [thus encouraging above behaviors]
*Having stuffed animals on my bed
*Obsessing over celebrity crushes [this has died down in recent months, thank you very much]
*Watching trashy teen TV shows
*Reading trashy teen novels
*Living in a college town that creates the illusion of still being in college amidst holding a full time job and going to bed at 10:30 [yes, in direct conflict with the first reason, but with Aaron off in Houston now, I have toned it down]

Older than 23
*Crying over aforementioned Johnny Mathis song
*Getting emotional over almost anything that has the slightest sentiment
*Baking cookies on a constant basis, as would a grandmother baking for her beloved grandchildren
*Listening to the Yo-Yo Ma station on Pandora…right now
*Breathlessness while climbing stairs
*Napping like a pro

New goal in life: Find a balance


Caroline Henley said...

First of all... drinking lots and staying out late is TOTALLY still acceptable in your 20s. Especially younger 20s. If we were living in New York we would be doing that all the time too (so it's not just a college town thing), although it would probably only be weekends...

Secondly, i too love trashy novels and tv shows so i am on your level

Thirdly, please come to MY house and bake delicious things for me...

Fourthly, i love you just as you are :)

Embo said...

Like Caroline, I also request your presence and baking skills at my home. Come visit!


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