Friday, October 1, 2010

October joy

My little heart is so excited because it's OCTOBER. This particularly favorite month of mine always evokes images such as this one:

Creepy? Maybe. But I will forever associate October with Halloween, spooky stories, crisp air, warm desserts, a constant feeling of excitement, and...wait for it...New England?
In about the second grade in music class, our teacher showed us "fall" pictures that went along with the Halloween themed songs we were singing. I will never forget one in was of a white clapboard church with a tall steeple, surrounded by hills and trees that had brilliantly colored leaves. The caption said it was taken in New Hampshire or Delaware or somewhere in that New England vicinity. So ever since then, fall and Halloween are synonymous to New England in my mind.
Oh how I would LOVE to spend the fall in a quaint New Hampshire town. There's something so romantically spooky about it. Is that weird? Romantically spooky? I don't think so.
I wish I could fully explain the feeling that fall gives me! For a whole month I'm in a glorious mood!
So you can bet that I'll be eating too many pumpkin flavored things, reading scary stories, and DVRing EVERYTHING on tv that is remotely related to Halloween [History Channel and Travel Channel have the BEST documentaries and shows on during this time].
I hope everyone else will be enjoying this month as much as I plan to!

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