Friday, September 10, 2010

Tailgating 101

I made mention in my last post about the glorious past time of tailgating. For those unfamiliar with such an event, here are some pictures for your education.

I'm not a beer drinker, so I came prepared with an over-sized jug of mimosas. I'm all about class, people.

Playing games, such as the egg toss, are a favorite past time. What is not fun, as Aaron found out, is having an egg break all over your hands when there are no sinks/soap near by. While the port-o-potties might have been of superior quality, they were not advanced enough to contain running water.

Tailgates are great for catching up with friends who live in more exciting cities and reliving the glory days of college.

They are also nice for quality time with fancy boyfriends.

I feel the same way about football as I do about beer [I'm a bad Texan, so sue me]. However, there is no denying that the student section at Texas A&M is pretty dang impressive. I did my duty when I was a student and never missed a game [except for once when I had to study for an Accounting test that I probably made a C on anyway. Accounting was NOT my strength], out of pure devotion to my school's love of tradition. This is my second season of football as a former student, and I must say that sitting on the fancy SHADED side is the way to go. I am quite content with marveling at the student section instead of actually being in it.

This weekend promises to hold more tailgating fun, and I am ready.
But after this fall of smoked meats, booze, and football, I will be quite ready for more cultural experiences, to say the least. Oh well, sometimes it's fun to take part in something that involves no real intellect or care in the world. Refreshing, I say.


Embo said...

Tailgating last weekend was wonderful! So glad we got to play :)

wilybrunette said...

ah, that dress is brilliant. and i'm with you--mimosas all the way!

JMay said...

That looks like a blasst!!!


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