Monday, January 23, 2012

Run! There's a zombie behind you!

I applaud anyone who can run long distances.

And by long distances, I mean anything further than a mile.

But I REALLY applaud people who run marathons.

People like two of my BFFs, Courtney and Amy.

They trained four months for the Houston Marathon that was held a couple weekends ago, and did great.

It was so much fun going out to cheer them on and see them succeed at something they worked so hard for!

You must admit we had some pretty awesome signs.

My favorite?

"Do you need to poop yet?"

Made by yours truly.


Karm said...

hahaha that is a creative sign. I want to TRY a half marathon someday... maybe in like 3 years when I am actually in shape haha Great job to your friends.

Sandra said...

lol! And the twilight sign is great!

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Hahaha! Love your sign! Although the Edward and Jacob poster is hilarious too!
I ran a half marathon three years ago (and I haven't run since...not even a mile). I barely made it across the finish! I don't know how people run full marathons! It's crazy! But awesome!

Nicole Marie said...

the signs are AWESOME!

Marshall said...

hahaha I have far too many memories regarding that last sign from previous races - cracked me up!

I loved your blog as soon as I saw the title (:

Bailey@Lost&Found said...

LOL! "Do you need to poop yet"? As I runner I totally fine the humor in that sign- and the truth behind it! Running is amazing! Congrats to your friends!!!



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