Monday, January 16, 2012

More chips. please

So our day in Oxford might have been my low point, but it didn't last for long. How could I be in a bad mood when we were heading to one of my favorite cities in the world...


This was my second time in foggy London town, though I had never been in the winter. 

Regardless of the weather, I still loved it so!

We took a bus tour of the city so the boys could get a feel for all of the touristy spots that they might want to go back and visit the next day. Having seen all those things already, the most important thing I got out of the tour was the glimpse of this fabulous Christmas market in Hyde Park. So naturally, I insisted that we go before meeting a friend for dinner and NYE celebrations.

IT WAS AWESOME. Let's talk about how delicious and magical mulled wine is. 

And how about these hand carved cats?

I might have bought a tiny one.

It might be sitting on my bookshelf.

We rang in the new year by having dinner with a good friend/old roommate of mine, Laura. She's been living in London for the past year, and has developed a bit of an accent! I am so jealous. I need to move to London stat so I can get an accent too.

Dinner was followed by a Hollywood themed party at Laura's adorable, typical pretty London house. 

On New Year's day, we stumbled upon a giant parade going through Trafalgar Square. 

Despite the rain and cold, we made the journey to the famed Abbey Road to get the token walking across the street picture. None of those people are us, but that's the street. By the time it was our turn, it was raining way too hard for me to be ok with taking out my precious Rebel. But Aaron's camera is crappy, so I'll get our picture from him once he's finished running around Europe!

No trip to London would be complete without a stop in Harrod's, or what I like to call "mass chaos land." Seriously, it was a mad house. But my friend Harry here was a good sport.

Before we left town, I had to get a typical touristy picture with a guard and see the changing of the guard over at Buckingham Palace.

When in London!

I fell in love with London all over again, but it was time to move on to our next city, the place where I'd celebrate my scariest birthday to date.



Jenni Austria Germany said...

you look so cute! i love the lego HP.

Ashley said...

i'm you EVER take a bad photo? i'm looooooooving all these pics and recaps - what a trip of a lifetime!

Karm said...

That is so cool. I want to travel to London some day too.. but wow.. those photos are amazing. Big Ben... so cool. hahaha

Sara Louise said...

I love me some London! We're going in June and I can't wait... Harrods is calling me!

Anonymous said...

london is great! i love the vibe to the city, especially when you get away from the touristy stuff and can really get a feel for the personality of the place! luckily i can hop back there anytime since tickets from norway are dirt cheap!

glad you enjoyed it :)

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

I have always wanted to visit Abbey Road and Buckingham Palace! Great photos! Looks amazing!


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