Thursday, January 19, 2012

Glimpses of what I shoved into my mouth while I was traipsing around Europe

Oh dear, that title sounds a bit off color.

But I'm leaving it.

Keep in mind, this is only a FRACTION of what I ate.

Most of the time it was too cumbersome to pull out my camera while eating a baguette sandwich [or my 500th crepe/pastry] on the street.

Or sometimes I was just too hungry and impatient to take the time to photograph my meal.

Irish breakfast

Steak and Guinness stew. No words.

THE BEST HOT CHOCOLATE EVER from Butler's Chocolates

Chicken and mushroom pie. Not pictured, a hot chocolate. Let it be known, I sampled hot chocolate[s] in every city I visited.


Breakfast of yogurt and muesli and nutella on toast. Oh and some really delicious juice from Sainsbury.
Fish and chips copiously doused with malt vinegar. Not pictured: my beloved HP sauce.

French food in parmentier. I want to eat this every single day.

Creme de caramel. OH MY GOD.

The starter to our Indian food. Chicken Tikka Masala was consumed to quickly to take a picture of it.

Banana and nutella crepes. Duh. This was the first of many.

For my birthday! I ate those suckers so fast. I bought pistachio, coffee, sea salt and caramel, and lemon.

Birthday dinner starter: Potatoes COVERED IN CHEESE. What more can you ask for?

Birthday dinner meals. Mine was duck confit, Aaron had a steak thing, and Ryan had a mystery meal that was one of the best things I've ever tried.

Birthday dessert: chocolate mousse. THE BEST MY MOUTH HAS EVER MET.

Baguette sandwich of salami, edam, and rocket. For dessert ,a chocolate and nut covered waffle.

Frites with mayo. Yes, please. I love mayo to begin with, but they take mayo to a whole other level in Europe.

 A few notes:

1. We actually tried ordering an escargot appetizer on my birthday, but the restaurant was OUT OF SNAILS!!! What kind of French restaurant runs out of snails? I was placated as soon as the magical cheese potatoes arrived though. If you find yourself in Paris, do yourself a favor and visit Chez Gladine. They barely speak English and the menu is completely in French, but it will be one of the best meals of your life!

2. Because it was honestly the best thing I've ever eaten, I did not get a picture of the world's best falafel. It came from Chez Hanna in Paris. If I were a rich person with nothing better to do with my money, I'd fly to Paris for dinner just to eat it. IT WAS THAT GOOD.

3. I did indeed drink hot chocolate in every city. It was pure bliss.

4. Cheese is better in Europe. It is a fact.

5. Baguettes are better in Europe. Another fact.

6. My legs look great after this trip because of the miles and miles we walked. My stomach, on the other hand, reflects all the goodness that I put into it.


Anonymous said...

yes cheese and baguettes are much better in europe for sure!

when i was in dublin all i ate were potatoes. it got to the point i had to eat other nationality's food because i couldnt handle anymore!!!

this all just made me sooo hungry!

Karm said...

oh my goodness all that food looks soooo good. I want to try hot cocoa in every country... in europe that is. mmmm that cheese and potatoes. that creme de caramel... i am now going to stop looking at this post. haha

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

oh dear, i fear that my subway sandwich just won't do for lunch now.

Creativechaos said...

I've always wanted to travel to these places. Lucky you!


Beauty Balm said...

Fab photos! x

ImarriedAtexan said...

Your post made me soooooo hungry! Yummy!!!

Jackie {York Avenue} said...

You are so lucky! I want to go to Europe even more now than I did before. I need to take a food tour of Europe, this settles it. That creme de caramel looks beyond amazing. It all looks so good and so different from what I've ever had before! Yum.

Sweet Tea In Sicily said...

Hahaha I think it's funny you took a whole post just to document the foods.. but you're right... the foods over here are THAT good ;)


Ashley said...! i knew a food post was coming from you! hahaha....are you 500 pounds now? just kidding....but seriously! ;)

Anonymous said...

you are SO right on so many levels. baguettes are better there. i need to find this falafel place, because it sounds too amazing to be real.

loving all of your pictures from europe! you are making me want to go back even more! :)

Sara Louise said...

I'm jealous of that Irish breakfast, and the beef and guinness pie (my husband's favorite) and the Butler's chocolate. SO FREAKING GOOD!!!

mina said...

i'm starving. i shouldn't have read this post. i love english/pub food. looks like you had a great time!

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Oh my goodness! This food looks amazing! Can't wait to take a trip to Paris! :)
I totally understand about pulling out your camera at every meal! It's hard to catch every morsel! :)

Barbara said...

Just been looking through all your Europe posts. Loving seeing your photos! And that hot chocolate looks divine (especially since it's so cold and rainy where I am right now!)

Bailey@Lost&Found said...

omg, that steak and guinness stew!!! OH my goodness! All this food looks incredible!


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