Thursday, January 12, 2012

Home of The Beatles

An extremely short flight [that nonetheless offered food, drinks, and lottery tickets] took us to...


Our motivation for visiting was 100% Beatles related. Aaron and I might be a tad bit obsessed, so it was a natural destination to include on the trip.

Beatles stuff aside, I loved the city. It was COMPLETELY different than what I pictured, and in a really good way. 

Aptly named airport.
 As in Dublin, streets were all decked out for Christmas. I just couldn't get enough of these beautiful decorations I kept seeing in all the cities!

After checking into our incredibly cozy and friendly hostel, we set off for a party night on Mathew Street.
But I'd like to point out that we first ate some Egyptian food. I have no picture of it for later, so I couldn't let you read this without knowing what I ate. You're welcome.

One of the first places The Beatles performed together.

The Ginger and I geeked out hardcore over this place. I could have stayed there all night, not only for the history, but for the music. Two different guys were singing Beatles songs while we were there. It was so amazing to sit there singing their music in the place where some like to say they started. 

The rest of the night may have also included the following things:
Shots dedicated to The Beatles
Discovering my new favorite gin in a crowded pub
Going to a 90s themed bar
Dancing "America style" [i.e. dirty] while loudly singing to "Party Rock" [a song that I happen to HATE, but booze does funny things]. 

To continue with our theme, we visited The Beatles Story on the following day. 

We were really lucky to get in on a Beatles taxi tour around the city. Our tour guide was LEGIT. He knew everything there was to know about The Beatles. It was almost a little creepy, but in an awesome way that I aspire to. 

Due to some factors that I blame entirely on the boys, we were not able to leave Liverpool that evening as planned. This meant we had nowhere to stay. Luckily, the hostel let us hang around in the common area. Oh, but did I mention our train out of town wasn't until 5:30? AM. The next day. Sleeping was a futile attempt, as there were some outrageously drunk Polish dudes blaring the same damn song over and over again. We finally set out for the train station, on foot, in freezing temperatures, at 4 AM. 

This is what I look like in that sort of situation

After the train ride...Oxford!


min said...

Hi Alex! Thanks for the birthday wishes :) Hope you're having fun over there as well!


Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

Wow you saw a LOT more than I did over there! The only Beatles thing we did was Abbey Road. That's amazing you saw so much!

Sara Louise said...

Hey, at least your smiling at 4am!
If you loved Liverpool, you have to check out the new reality show, Desperate Scousewives... it's totally Liverpool!
And lotto tickets on your flight... let me guess... Ryan Air???

Megan said...

WHAT!!?!?! how did i not know you could go to liverpool? (this is sad i know). i always kind of forget about it...but never realized how cool the sights would truly be!

and i wouldnt even care if my trip was just to the john lennon airport and fly back. that is so freaking cool :)

i really want to see this place soon...not even kidding!!!

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Oh gosh I am jealous! The Beatles are my FAVORITE! You are SUCH a lucky girl! :)


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