Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Guest Post: What Makes Savanah Smile

Today, meet Savanah from What Makes Savanah Smile.

She is a lovely fellow H-Town blogger and neighbor.

Like seriously, she lives down the street from me. 

Today she will be covering one of my favorite topics, so enjoy!!


Hey y'all! 

I'm Savanah from What Makes Savanah Smile...

I am honored that Alex has asked me to guest post for her while she's away!

Anyway, if y'all have never been to my blog before, I hope you will come check it out! I love to write about life, my boyfriend, my fur babies and much more!

Alex is one of my favorite Htownbloggers and I feel like we have a different "connection" than anyone else. 

That connection? 


We're crazy cat ladies. 

Besides my boyfriend, cats are my most talked about subject on my blog. 


And true story, I even addressed her Christmas Card to her and her 2 kitties. 

We're silly like that ;)


Because I know we both get a kick out of all these pictures, I decided to share them with all of her readers today. 

You're welcome :)

And because I can't leave you without showing off my 3 furbabies...

Meet Cotton, Pixie and Lucy!

Thanks Alex for letting me take over your blog today!

I hope all of you will come by my blog and say hi even after knowing what a crazy cat lady I am! ;) 


Sarah-Life is what you make it said...

why are cats so funny!? love them and I died laughing at the "i'm not on de counter!

Lucy is so cute!

Val said...

Very cute post!


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