Thursday, September 8, 2011

Get funky with your rain dance

I'm not one to blog about weather.

I mean, that's boring.

But, I have a request:

Please do a rain dance for Texas.

Right now we look like this:


Houston is covered in a blanket of smoke today.

When I walked out of my apartment, it smelled like someone was having a giant BBQ.

No bueno.

I'm not asking for a hurricane, which would be the norm this time of year, but a torrential thunderstorm might do the trick.

East Coast, send some of your rain this way. We can help each other out!


tara said...

gaaahh. we need rain SO bad!!!

Ashley said...

oh man.....literally been reciving pics from my BFF all day who was evacuated due to flooding.....the world needs to get into balance asap!


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