Tuesday, September 6, 2011

College flashback weekend

I could care less about the fact that football season has started.
As you all know, it's the tailgating that interests me.

I think I've done a very good job in recent months of being rather adult-like, and tossing aside [for the most part] my college-like behaviors.
But every once and a while, you just have to embrace the ways of the past.

So I did.

Oh College Station, I missed you.

These are called shakers. They can be found at our very favorite College Station restaurant [and probably in the world], La Bodega. PURE.MAGIC.

I hadn't seen him in almost a month. Ginger withdrawls!

We dominated college.

Former roomie. She has a pretty awesome blog. Read it HERE.

Basking in our pretend college times.

Our dear friend, Austin. We'll be having big times with him in Austin [yes, Austin lives in Austin] in a couple of weekends.

I didn't exactly take a lot of pictures during the actual game day. So here you go.

I came home to one cat locked in the bathroom while the other ran around with a catnip toy in his mouth.
Nothing like a dose of reality after a college weekend!


Natalie said...

Looks so fun! And you look gorgeous!

Caroline Sweatt said...

1) i am taking frank to college station in a few weekends FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HIS LIFE. we are actually going from thursday to sunday simply because there were too many restaurants i wanted to eat at and not enough meals in a normal weekend.

2) you went nearly a month without seeing your ginger? i wouldn't have been able to do that. ginger withdrawals are too great.

3) when you come to austin, please give me a call!

Laken said...

Ah, football season is most definitely here. Last Saturday in Tuscaloosa was nuts. For me, I need the temperature to keep dropping before I take my tailgating outdoors, though.

Ashley said...

girl who dresses for tailgating....girl after my own heart. LOVING your dress!

Meg O. said...

You definitely seem like someone I'd love to go to college with. Unfortunately, college was over well over 5 years ago for me.

Tucker said...

isn't it the best? i love seeing my college girls (: miss them so much.

Pretzel Thief said...

Kickass! And you look lovely and faboosh!

ashleyshari2010 said...

Bah - thanks for the shout out :)

LOVED seeing you this weekend!!!

Fashion Meets Food said...

Loving the pictures but love your dress even more! Absolutely gorgeous.



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