Monday, September 12, 2011

California throwback

In honor of me being in California [land of which I like to pretend I'm from] this week, I thought I'd do some Cali themed posts.

First up, some pictures from the summer in college when I interned in L.A.

It was good times, y'all.

The Grove in Beverly Hills. This was the one and only time I went there, as being a poor intern kept me from high end shopping.

This barely appetizing looking meal is on here as a humble confession that this was the very first meal I ever cooked for myself. Yep, you heard it here first. Living in L.A. alone meant I had to finally fend for myself!

I almost cried upon seeing the Kodak Theatre, i.e. the place where the Oscars are held. Nerd.

It wouldn't be my blog if there wasn't some sort of picture of me eating food. So here you go. Pink's Hotdogs.

My friend, Aisha, came to visit me, so we did lots of California-like things. Case in point: playing in Malibu.

See, I've always been weird.

This is only here to show how tan I was. This is what happens when you only work three days a week and spend the rest of your days at the beach.

I feel like every little girl has dreamed of living here at some point. Some little girls more than others. Like me.

Fitting in with the crowd at Venice Beach. Present day me is seething over how tan and toned I look.

Trojan Fight! I almost went there for school, so I had to pay homage somehow.

Warning: if you meet a Z-list actor at a giant industry party thrown by your boss and he invites you and your friend to an after party for a concert, you may end up at this room in the Standard Hotel. And there might be drugs there. And you might leave promptly. Nothing good happens at 3 am.

Ah, well that was a fun trip down memory lane.


Meg O. said...

How fun to have interned in LA! I LOOOOVE LA. My brother lives in Venice!

Karm said...

Looks like fun. I have never been to California... and I live in Arizona. haha how weird right?

Sienna said...

you are so cute. i love all of these pictures--and the fact that i can recognize most of these sights!! lol

Savanah said...

The only place I've been in CA is San Diego. I'd love to go back and see more! Looks like fun!!

Pretzel Thief said...

Hahahah...OMG, who was the Z-list actor?! Give us a hint, PUH-LEASE! (Tee hee...)

What an awesome time you had then, girly! (And hope you're having one now!)

Aisha Burns said...

! So, honored/excited that many of those pictures were from my visit there! agh, lets go play soon, please!


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