Tuesday, May 3, 2011

That time my car met a cement wall

Leave it to me to get into a car accident that did not involve anyone but me, myself, and I.
And a cement wall.
I blame it on high heels. LADIES, do not drive while wearing tall shoes!!
Anyway, this was the first time I have ever caused major harm to my car, and my bank account and I are not happy. Thank goodness for insurance, but still. Geez.

So Alex's lesson for the day:
Stilettos+accidental gas pedal+cement wall=sad car and sad bank account

If I were royal, this never would have happened because I'd be escorted around in a private car at all times.
Just sayin'.


The Many Colours of Happiness said...

Oh no!! That sucks :(

I think you should write to the government and demand a private car. You know, for the good of the country. I'm sure they'll say yes :p

Sara Louise said...

My Aunt did this. Except it was a brick partition full of flowers in the middle of a supermarket parking lot. And she wasn't wearing heels. We don't let her drive too much anymore.
Glad you're not hurt! :-)

thobeka said...

Also glad you're not hurt, and it's probably best if you drive with flats - or take a driving hiatus. KIDDING :) I once drove into a parked car, so don't feel bad.

Katie Jo said...

oh no! glad to hear you are okay.

this sounds like something i would do. i seriously can't wait until we're royals so we don't have to do nonsensical things anymore, like driving.


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