Saturday, April 30, 2011

The case for royalty

After watching hours of royal wedding footage yesterday, I came to the conclusion that my friends and I would either make superb royals, or truly terrible ones.

Why we should probably go ahead and find princes to marry:
1. We are experienced champagne drinkers.
2. We appreciate fancy things.
3. Our British accents are above average.
4.  We are funny enough to make the queen laugh.
5. We could definitely pull off the crazy hat/fascinator look.

Why royalty would not suit us and we'd be banned from Buckingham Palace:
1. We [and by we, I mean Courtney] enjoy PDA too much.
2. We [and by we I mean Courtney and me] show too much emotion over everything.
3. Our attempts to make the queen laugh would most likely be deemed too inappropriate.
4. We might end up on tabloid covers looking like we had a bit too much fun after a night out.
5. We [and by we I mean me] would want to use our royal influence and possession of massive square footage to rescue an inordinate amount of animals.

So, really, we have a 50/50 shot of dominating this gig.

Hey, Harry, Caroline is single. Wanna come to Texas?


Amy said...

I throw myself in the running for Prince Harry's heart... if they REALLY love us, our boyfriends would understand if we left them for a prince to fulfill our true destinys of becoming princesses! :)

CarrieJo said...

cute blog girl!

oh the royal wedding has taken us by storm!!!

i would love your input on my latest blog post!

Adele said...

HAHA! this post made me laugh! i can only imagine how many girls are falling over themselves trying to get Harry's attention (;

Nicole Marie said...

this is HYSTERICAL!!!!!!!!!

wilybrunette said...

ahhh, yes, that stiff upper lip thing...not having one keeps getting in my way.

especially cute blog post lady--keep em coming.

Caroline at Her Own Eden said...

See I'm pretty good on the bad list... well minus the inappropriate jokes and tabloid covers... but I still think I'm a pretty good catch for a royal! :)


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