Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stylish [hungry] Blogger

The lovely Andrea over at A Steady Stream of Chatter bestowed the Stylish Blogger award to me the other day.
Thanks, lady!

I've done this a couple of times, so I won't bore you with seven more random facts about myself.
Instead, I'll cover my most favorite topic in the world: FOOD.

Here are seven foods I cannot live without:
[but do not necessarily eat on a regular basis because if I did I would be the size of the girl on Willy Wonky who turns into a blueberry]

1. Cheese. All kinds. At all times. On everything.

2. Cheese Enchiladas. I hail from San Antonio. This was a staple of my childhood. Thank goodness I danced to combat my enchilada intake.

3. Fajitas/fajita tacos/all tacos [preferably with beans involved]. Sensing a Mexican food theme? It's half my culture.

4. Kebabs. Stick me in a Persian restaurant and I'll die of happiness. The hummus. The bread. The feta. More more more!!

5. Pizza. I could eat this every day and never get tired of it. And I would if a) It wasn't horrible for me and b) There weren't so many other foods vying for my attention.

6. Sushi. I could eat about five rolls all by myself. I have to restrain myself every time I go to a sushi restaurant. Luckily its price tag keeps me from over indulging.

7. Peanut butter. Specifically Peter Pan. I eat it out of the jar with a spoon. Yay healthy protein!

8. Desserts. Any kind. All kinds. Every day. This is my number one love in life. I could do a whole post dedicted to my favorites, and it probably still wouldn't be enough. Be still, my heart.

Ok so that was more than seven. But food is my life.
And now I'm starving.


Antoinette said...

This post is made me so damn hungry! This food all looks so delish. I stumbled across your blog today and I think you are just adorable!

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

Oh my goodness we are EXACTLY the same!! Cheese anything is just incredible.

ashleyshari2010 said...

Yum. Those are all MY favorite foods. Except substitute sushi with bread: of all kinds, flavors, grains, sizes...with any and all spreads, butters, dips, etc...bah!

Oh. And I like fruit. Not sure how that healthy item snuck in there...

Catsparella said...

A girl after my own heart..peanut butter out of the jar..yes!!

Sara Louise said...

I seriously can't wait to get back to SA this summer for some fajitas and enchiladas... Alamo Cafe... Taco Cabana... here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(I'm going to be wearing a lot of shorts with elastic waistbands)

Katie Jo said...

all the same for me, well, minus the sushi and PB...

i seriously put cheese on EVERYTHING!!!!

andrea n. townsend said...



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