Tuesday, May 10, 2011

News of the day

Three little tidbits that made me say, "Oh no!" or "Whoaaa!" or "Awww!"

1. "Oh no!": The Governator and Maria Shriver have split after 25 years. I have no particular affinity for Aaaanold, but the Kennedy family intrigues me, plus it's always a little heart breaking to hear about a long marriage ending.

2. "Whoaaa!": Microsoft has purchased Skype for about $8 BILLION in CASH. Take a second to wrap your head around that. Now procede to say, "Whoaaaa!"

3. "Awww!": Willkat [Yes, this is what I will call them from now on. It suddenly occurred to me.], AKA Prince William and Duchess Catherine, have left for their official honeymoon. Still no deets on the location, but they have indeed flown off into the sunset [or sunrise] together. Explanation still pending as to why I was not invited.


Meg O. said...

Aw, I am kind of sad for Arnold and Maria!

Maura said...

I'm sad for Arnold and Maria too! 25 years and 4 kids, so sad!

Amy said...

Let's go stalk Willkat together... and then we can hold them hostage until Harry agrees to date us both. :)

Katie Jo said...

the seychelles...the deets leaked =)


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