Tuesday, April 12, 2011

That time I spent my weekend in a pasture

For the record, two things I am not a huge fan of: beer and country music.
Ok, I lie. I actually really do like some country music.
BUT, you will never find me combining the two.

Except for last weekend.

Enter Chilifest. It's country, trashy, and outrageous. It's also a crucial piece to the Texas A&M college experience.
Not that I'm still in college or anything, but we all know how I love re-living it.

This was only my second time to partake, and I must say it will be my last. I love a weekend where you can just toss all your inhibitions to the side and go a little crazy, but I can only drink so much beer + lemonade [try it, it's an excellent fix for someone who hates beer] and eat so much sausage and be pelted by so much dust.

Maybe the pictures will explain a little better than my words can.

Some pretty awesome ladies.

Yes, that is a trojan horse-like contraption.

Not your cup of tea? Not exactly mine either. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a blast.

*Note to self: Start blogging about classier things in order to avoid having everyone think I am a raging alcoholic or Lindsay Lohan wannabe*


Caroline at Her Own Eden said...

yayyyyyyy chilifest!

and seriously, that last picture is freaking phenomenal

Caroline Sweatt said...

I love you for blogging about beer + lemonade. It is so helpful.

Maggy said...

ha, I like your *note to self :) It's good to have some fun outside the box!

Katie Jo said...

i tried to comment on this daaaayyyys ago...but blogger was being a bastard.

anyhoo...beer, sausage and hanging out in a pasture sounds like a fantastic time to me =)


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