Monday, March 7, 2011

Mardi Gras madness

I will start off by saying that Mardi Gras is everything you ever heard about it...then some.

Having a 6 hour drive turn into 12 because of traffic filled with Mardi Gras-goers: Check.
Party in the car in said traffic: Check.
The HUGE mass of drunken people: Check.
Large novelty drinks: Check.
Boobies: Check. [though not as many as I was expecting, and I certainly didn't show mine]
Filthy street: Check.
Loud music: Check.
Pizza at 4 am: Check.
A party that goes throughout the night and into the next day: Check.
Beads EVERYWHERE: Check.
Awesome view from balconies and throwing beads to people who will do ANYTHING to get them: Check.
Getting hit in the face several times by said beads: Check.
Dancing our asses off everywhere we went: Check.
Going to bed, fully clothed, at 4:30 am: Check.
Delicious cajun food: Check.
Male appendages [this was unexpected for me, though I don't know why I was surprised]: Check.
Flooded streets due to sudden rain storm: Check.
Not letting rain keep us out of the streets: Check.
Meeting crazy old people who are obviously alcoholics: Check.
Being asked if I was sure I'd go to Heaven if I died that night [there were many Christian groups out letting us all know that we were surely going to Hell for partaking in Mardi Gras]: Check.
Hot tub party in the Ritz Carlton: Check.
Finding one of our friends laying on the hotel room floor with mysterious cuts and bruises: Check.

One of the best times I have ever had: Check check check check!

I know this celebration is not everyone's cup of tea, but I'm sure by now you are all aware that I am a fan of good times [though I swear that more often than not, I stay at home watching TV and petting my cats]. Mardi Gras has always been on my bucket lists of things to do in life, so I'm glad I was able to cross it off.

Now, with the risk of making some of you think I'm crazy, here are some pictures.

And I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to go next year...

Walking through that crowd was quite the experience.

Our outrageously fun group!

The girls.
Ginger boyfraaaan.

Boy bff.

Some French friends we made.

Don't mind my hot mess face.

Flooded streets Saturday morning.

Showing off Captain Morgan tattoos.

On a balcony giving beads to crazies.

Gypsy, the police horse. She was so sweet.

Now back to DVR, cats, and trying to keep myself from eating too many desserts.


min said...

looked like a lot of fun!!

Katie Jo said...

sounds magical. i want to go...although, i'm pretty sure i wouldn't remember a damn thing by the time all was said and done.

andrea said...

One word: JEALOUS.

And a few more words: ummmmmmm next year please? Because I've been dying to hit up Mardi Gras for practically forever (or a couple years, same difference). :)


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