Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thinking of titles for things stresses me out

Last weekend was one of the last home football games of the season. A&M played Texas Tech, a notoriously trashy school when it comes to fans/sportsmanship.
I couldn't be concerned with all of this, as I was too busy tailgating.
Much as I love it, I'm kinda over it now. I'll be ready again when next year rolls around!

Yes, it was Halloween weekend, but no, I did not dress up and go out with everyone else on Saturday night after the game. Womp womp. Aaron and I had every intention of procuring awesome costumes that would make everyone faint with jealousy, but this did not happen. Instead we stayed in and passed out from sheer exhaustion.

The actual day of Halloween was just as uneventful. I'm convinced that sometimes we are too lazy for our own good.

However, I did get to dress up that evening [in a costume thrown together in 5 seconds: a sorority girl, the morning after a wild frat party. I had on an oversized frat shirt, running shorts, Uggs, a side ponytail with a couple of bows, and no make up. Trust me, this is basically the traditional sorority girl uniform at A&M] and play bunko with Caroline and Courtney. They have a group that plays every month, and it was a lot of fun! In my mind bunko was always a game for retired older women, but alas, my opinion has changed! It got pretty intense. Plus there was awesome Halloween-themed food and drinks. A quality night I say! See pictures here.

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a n d r e a said...

Was it just me or did Halloween sneak up on everyone this year? Mitch and I couldn't think of costume ideas either and would up just throwing something stupid together. Blah. But I'm suuuper glad to see we're not the only couple that passes out instead of going out from time to time, haha. :)


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